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  1. Finnaddict

    Black algae/ sponge???

    I have had a black sponge pop up. If it becomes a nuisance you can kill it. I shut off all pumps. Then cover the sponges with a thick Kalk paste and let that sit about an hour before I turn pumps back on. Melts the sponge away.
  2. Finnaddict

    Free Jason Fox Super Green Stag Frags

    Hello fellow reefers, I have to prune this stag back quite a bit and will be giving away some large frags. If anyone is interested please shoot me a message and we can set up a time to pick these up. These will be fresh 3”-4” cuts and some will have multiple branches.
  3. Finnaddict

    URGENT!!! Volunteers needed for CFM September 23rd

    I will be there in the afternoon. I can help with the 2-3 or 3-4 time slots if needed.
  4. Finnaddict

    Anyone have a Kessil 350 ballast I can borrow to test a light

    I have like 3 or 4 of the power supplies. I’m going to CFM tomorrow afternoon and can bring them with.
  5. Finnaddict

    (CLOSED) Half priced ($4) CFM tickets 09/23/23

    2 tickets. Payment made
  6. Finnaddict

    wet cord repair

    I would give fixing it a try if warranty is expired. Give E6000 a try. It’s a good clear flexible adhesive so it will stick better than silicone.
  7. Finnaddict

    Complete Bonus/Ultra Coral List - 2023 Update

    I forget how it was exactly worded. Do we still have the rule of only 3 max of each kind of frag?
  8. Finnaddict

    Trouble getting in line for equipment

    Thanks for the tips. Took a few tries but I finally received a code to reserve the equipment.
  9. Finnaddict

    Trouble getting in line for equipment

    I have tried 3 different devices and I can’t seem to receive a 6 digit code. Any idea’s?
  10. Finnaddict

    Free Miyagi Tort Chunk

    Thanks for the interest everyone. The chunk was picked up today.
  11. Finnaddict

    Free Miyagi Tort Chunk

    Hello Everyone, Accidentally knocked off a chunk of my Miyagi Tort while doing some maintenance. It’s about 4-5” tall and FREE to first one to shoot me a PM. -Joel
  12. Finnaddict

    Free Green Slimer Colony

    It’s gone
  13. Finnaddict

    Free Green Slimer Colony

  14. Finnaddict

    Free Green Slimer Colony

    I have a Green Slimer colony up for grabs. Its about 4x3 encrusted on a rock. Come on by and pick it up! BYOB.
  15. Finnaddict

    Volunteers Needed! 05/20/23 Cali Kid Regional Frag Swap

    Coral runner or registration. Sign me up for what you need
  16. Finnaddict

    DBTC: Avatar Chalice

    Hi Guys. Right now I only have 2 frags left. Send me a message and we will work out pick up. I will make up some more frags and post up when they are ready.
  17. Finnaddict

    DBTC: Teal W/Yellow Eye Chalice

    You’re welcome to come pick one up. PM me for pickup info
  18. Finnaddict

    DBTC: Teal W/Yellow Eye Chalice

    @Krustykrab @Invictus you are all welcome to come by and grab a frag when ever you want. I have 4 more available. Shoot me a PM for address. @Adauqua has made arrangements to pick his up.
  19. Finnaddict

    DBTC: Teal W/Yellow Eye Chalice

    I just added Teal W/Yellow Eye Chalice to DBTC. There are 5 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  20. Finnaddict

    DBTC: Avatar Chalice

    I will have one with your name on it!