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  1. NickRoseSN1985

    Needing Prayers

    My mother needs all the prayers and well wishes she can get. She’s had a liver issue since 2020 but now her kidneys are being affected by it now. She was in the hospital last October for a week and then again in November. She is in the hospital again but it’s not looking good. Me and my brother...
  2. NickRoseSN1985

    Controlling Jebao SOW with APEX

    I’ll look into this. I sent a email to to see if the adapter works with SOW’s.
  3. NickRoseSN1985

    Controlling Jebao SOW with APEX

    Is there any modules or hack that can control Jebao SOWs via APEX?
  4. NickRoseSN1985

    Black Friday Run

    Is the Doorbuster deal only for Friday or does it run until the 27th? I was going to look at the Indo Mariculture Acro. I’ll be going tomorrow (If we put up our outdoor Christmas lights, decorations fast enough) or Sunday.
  5. NickRoseSN1985

    Newbie Reefer and BAR Member

    Welcome to the family.
  6. NickRoseSN1985

    Exhaust Fan ductwork

    The unit was already delivered. Yes I could return it but I rather keep it. Got some help on the humblefish forum. I went ahead and bought the 8 inch ductwork from Home Depot and 8 inch roof vent from Ace Hardware. Now just need to find time to install it.
  7. NickRoseSN1985

    Exhaust Fan ductwork

    I have been testing a window exhaust fan to reduce humidity. One added benefit I have noticed is co2 has been reduced from the 1100 to the 600s. So I decided to buy a Panasonic FV-40NLF1 In Line Fan. Does anyone work on HVAC systems? I have a question dealing with ductwork size. The unit has a...
  8. NickRoseSN1985

    Peppermint shrimp group buy

    Were they Lysmata Wurdemanni? When I went there the first week of September they had Lysmata Ankeri. It seems like each shipment is different. Here is the identification thread on humblefish for peppermint shrimp...
  9. NickRoseSN1985

    Reef Cleaners Group Buy

    I've had a aiptaisa eating file fish from Biota since the beginning of the year and have never seen it eat aiptasia. Here are some pictures of a few of the shrimp I got from Kenny. None of them appear to be Wurdemanni.
  10. NickRoseSN1985

    Reef Cleaners Group Buy

    I bought 10 peppermint shrimp from Kenny on Wednesday. Fingers crossed they do their job. I feel confident they will work since Kenny puts frags into the peppermint tank and they devour the aiptasia. In a email he said the ones I had bought decimated 50-100 blue clove polyps a week ago.
  11. NickRoseSN1985

    Custom 180G Cantilevered Reef System

    Is the dog the supervisor of the build.
  12. NickRoseSN1985

    Reef Cleaners Group Buy

    I had asked Neptune and their supplier gets them the Wurdemanni. I don’t know if this is why they charge $24.99 or if it’s because they know these will be used for Aiptasia control so some people might be willing to pay a lot more.
  13. NickRoseSN1985

    Reef Cleaners Group Buy

    I guess it depends on the shipment they get. Last year I bought 12 from them but I didn’t look to see which species it was. Those did not touch any Aiptasia. When I went 2 weeks ago they only had the Lysmata ankeri. I asked if they can get Wurdemanni. This was the response: “Unfortunately...
  14. NickRoseSN1985

    Clown fish need new home

    Just saw this on NextDoor. It seems like the person is in the San Carlos area. “Hello everyone, happy Friday is anyone interested in a 46 gallon salt water tank with 2 OCELLARIS CLOWNFISH? It has everything it needs . I will be able to post pics later . But for now just wanted to get the word...
  15. NickRoseSN1985

    Reef Cleaners Group Buy

    @under_water_ninja Are they Lysmata wurdemanni and how much? Neptune has them but there $24.99.
  16. NickRoseSN1985

    Collar for Reef Delete

    @Beanju hooked me up.
  17. NickRoseSN1985

    Collar for Reef Delete

    I’ll send @Beanju a PM
  18. NickRoseSN1985

    Collar for Reef Delete

    I just purchased a Reef Delete v1.02 and I'm looking to get a collar 3d printed for holding the button. Anyone on the Peninsula that has a printer that could help me out. Nick Rose
  19. NickRoseSN1985

    [News Article]: Ocean heat around Florida is ‘unprecedented,’ and scientists are warning of major impacts

    This is so sad and do the politicians care. No. They either believe in Climate change or they don't or they do believe in Climate change but they are all about money so they wont do anything. Even if we spend up measures to cut our heating pollution to zero, I'm afraid that we have already hit...
  20. NickRoseSN1985

    RODI Booster Pump Issue

    Having issue with my RODI system. Back in December I replaced all of the filters and installed a 8800 booster pump kit. The booster pump started at 90 PSI and it has been slowly getting weaker. Right now it’s under 85 PSI. Normally I’m changing the sediment filter more then 2 times a year. It’s...