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  1. Darkxerox

    Featured 3/3 Frag swap at Cali Kid Coral

    Yes! You can buy a frag pack from @Cbruno80 at Cali Kid, support a great LFS and club sponsor, get some great BBQ, and meet other club members. You'll bring home more coral too since people bring extra frags.
  2. Darkxerox

    Ayman 170 Red Sea Reef Tank

    Three months in and the tank looks great!
  3. Darkxerox

    What do you think about this for Dosing container. Found them on Craigslist for $2 each.

    I think those are for storing like baseball or magic cards. If they are, they're sort of brittle and can crack easily. Would recommend glass especially for compatibility with chemicals. Or HDPE plastic.
  4. Darkxerox

    Thomas' 29G TruVu

    New growth/color shot (3 weeks): ~1 week of the contest/Seatak test frags
  5. Darkxerox

    ReeFi Uno 2.0 lights are pretty amazing

    Reviving this thread since some new folks have picked up ReeFi Uno 2.0s. These are my current settings: Basically 111W for 5 hours, 81W of that for an hour before and after ramp, then wavelengths blue and shorter. Basically 12 hours with a very 14k look at mid day (maybe whiter). Clam is...
  6. Darkxerox

    Coral Graveyard

    @nlopedota has my favorite one:
  7. Darkxerox

    Coral Graveyard

    I think we got our October photo contest idea for @ReyDeFarts lol
  8. Darkxerox

    Protein Skimmer for a 75gal?

    I wasn't super blown away by the LFS locations when I visited last year. However, Strictly Fish seemed the nicest, but hardware wise it was mostly Red Sea. They did have some reef octopus ones but I can't remember what model.
  9. Darkxerox

    Dangalang's IM Nuvo Fusion 20 Nano

    I'd still run like a 60-100% acclimation over 30 days with these max settings since the spectrum hits a lot of wavelengths not covered by the old lights. I've burnt enough corals to not want it to happen again!
  10. Darkxerox

    Dangalang's IM Nuvo Fusion 20 Nano

    A 0.2 pH swing at night is pretty good. Welcome to the ReeFi club! Just a warning, go very low on power and use the acclimation mode until you get the PAR meter, these lights have insane output and could fry your corals if you go too high. Also make sure it's just plugged into a normal surge...
  11. Darkxerox

    Goni covered in slime?

    Likely a goner. They're not the best as a beginner coral unfortunately.
  12. Darkxerox

    JDs 24 Gallon

    Numbers look better, note that phosphate can take a bit to clear due to it potentially having reservoirs in your tank's substrates. Nitrate kits are notoriously hard to read and honestly anything at your level up to 50ppm (some run higher with no issues). If you get that skimmer up and running...
  13. Darkxerox

    Featured FREE '24 BC Adam Bomb SPS Growout Contest

    Yeah that's why @Invictus and I used warm water from Kenny's system, iodine in the curing bin/saw reservoir, soaked fresh plugs, and made/mounted the contest SPS frags for people before the event started. I'll bring more frags to the frag swap from Kenny's, but people have to reply here to get...
  14. Darkxerox

    Featured 3/3 Frag swap at Cali Kid Coral

    We'll let them know at check in. They can pop in and grab something from Cos if they're short one.
  15. Darkxerox

    Featured FREE '24 BC Adam Bomb SPS Growout Contest

    I'm ok for restarts for bad frags. We did have a few with new people making them.
  16. Darkxerox

    Beginner reefer seeking advice

    This. If something looks bad, it's so easy to do 50-75% on a 10g tank vs. a 100g tank. I learned on a nano but I also read books constantly and spent time on forums a ton. Don't expect it to ever be a full blown SPS tank, but if you keep soft corals and easy LPS with one or two fish, it's...
  17. Darkxerox

    Galoot's 220...rebirth 2024

    If it's there, it's in other places in your tank. Feel free to scrape it off maybe before a water change. But your herbivores seem to be keeping it in check.
  18. Darkxerox

    Danh’s IM25 Lagoon

    Shop tank got Nước mắm dosing, secret ingredient lol
  19. Darkxerox

    Danh’s IM25 Lagoon

    Turn off the skimmer maybe? No anthias poopin in there all day anymore!
  20. Darkxerox

    Newbie 24g reefer

    I still use the same 19 year old refractometer. No need to get complicated.