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    SupraSaltyReefer - ELOS 120XL and then some

    You know damn well you got more tanks to set up. Lmao
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    (CLOSED) Half priced ($4) CFM tickets 09/23/23

    1 ticket please. Payment sent
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    Reef Cleaners Group Buy

    hi Alex I would like to add 12 medium blue leg hermit crab, 1 fighting conch, 12 astrea snail
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    Reef Cleaners Group Buy

    I’d be down to jump in on this order. I need some astraea snails and some blue leg hermit. I’m in south San Francisco.
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    LF innovative marine 40L

    I’m looking for 40L innovative marine tank. Let me know if you have one for sale. I’ve been looking around but no luck. Thanks in advance
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    Custom Stand

    Cabinet finish, dimension would be 24Lx16Dx29H. I want to put a 15 gallon cube and the rest of the space for other items.
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    Custom Stand

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows someone who does custom stand? It will be a small project but don’t have the tools to do it. Appreciate all the help.
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    ReeFi Uno 2.0 lights are pretty amazing

    I got 2 Reefi uno v2 but haven’t installed it yet, still have my rocks in a brute bin lol. Would love to see par readings on your tank.
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    Chemcast acrylic for sump?

    Thank you so much. I think I will go with glass sump that I will buy and put together from ikea. I would do diy acrylic (Chemcast) for my ato reservoir.
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    Chemcast acrylic for sump?

    Looking to get back in the hobby and trying to buy equipment and also do some diy. Wondering if anyone ever used Chemcast acrylic for their sump. Thanks in advance m.