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  1. DaddyHook

    Bonus/ultra corals for the 6/1 frag swap: what will you be bringing?

    I could but then you’d have to walk the plank… I use Adobe illustrator to make the logos and designs. Then upload it to But you could just use the template designer that they have on their site it’s pretty simple and you can customize pretty much everything about it. Measure the...
  2. DaddyHook

    Bonus/ultra corals for the 6/1 frag swap: what will you be bringing?

    Should have Sunkist Bounce x2 JF Kung Fu Fighters Zoas x3 Bicolor Frammer x3-6 Look for the new labels you bunch of cod fish!
  3. DaddyHook

    DBTC: Trochus snail

  4. DaddyHook

    DBTC: Trochus snail

    I just added Trochus snail to DBTC. There are 5 frag(s) available right now. Trochus snails Qty: 5 - 10 Size 1/4” 1. Must be an active Supporting Member with at least fifty (50) non spamming posts or a current tank journal. 1.a Current tank journal with a up to date full tank photo. Up to...
  5. DaddyHook

    Rubbermaid black bins - where to buy?

    I’ve got a 100g and a shallow 50g stock tank. If you would rather borrow then buy.
  6. DaddyHook

    3/3 Frag swap at Cali Kid Coral

    Who won the lightning Maroons?
  7. DaddyHook

    Talk me out of this aquarium

    Where is it located?
  8. DaddyHook

    2nd Nero 3 died within 3 years- how long yours last?

    When you guys are getting the error. After you clean it do you go through the app and restart the device? I get the red light error from time to time but have always managed to clear it. Tank Name / Settings / Devices / Select specific device / Restart Device
  9. DaddyHook

    Ayman 170 Red Sea Reef Tank

    Toothbrush, gently brush them off into another container.
  10. DaddyHook

    Ayman 170 Red Sea Reef Tank

    Looks like pineapple sponges to me.
  11. DaddyHook

    DeFarts' IM 50gal Lagoon Journey

    My 50 lagoon that I’m going to have to completely break down because clove polyps made there way in some how.[/MEDIA] My 50 I’m going to have to break down because polyps made their way in.
  12. DaddyHook

    DeFarts' IM 50gal Lagoon Journey

    Throw the whole plug away!
  13. DaddyHook

    Yeah, just don’t think it’s worth it.

    Just pocket change!
  14. DaddyHook

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas you filthy animals!
  15. DaddyHook

    Biiiiiig Haddoni

    If your looking to rehome your blue I could toss it in my 180.
  16. DaddyHook

    Live stock and Caribsea life rock

    Pm sent
  17. DaddyHook

    Alex’s IM 150 EXT

  18. DaddyHook

    Complete Bonus/Ultra Coral List - 2024 Current

    Thank you for taking my comment for what it was. I was just stirring the pot. But this was exactly what I was referring to. My thoughts are if you’re going to describe a coral as such it needs to be representative of that description. Wether it’s at a swap or purchased from an online vendor or...
  19. DaddyHook

    July 16 Bonus coral list.

    I got a bunch of bounce mushrooms that aren’t bouncing anymore can I add those to the bonus or ultra? @JVU @IOnceWasLegend @Srt4eric