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    Anthias recommendation?

    Based on my experiences, Lyretails do not live very long. I got 5 about 3 years and ago and lost 3 in the past year. No visible sign of diseases or stress; just slowly disappeared. Not sure is true but my buddy told me Anthias usually don't last too many years in aquarium?
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    DeFarts' IM 50gal Lagoon Journey

    Yes, that what I was referring to (just frags/corals to rocks work. I had tried E-macro 400 when I did the rockscapes and it was a bit hard to work with. It was a bit "too loose/runny". I wish there is something more "gooey". I don't know of any cement that would work if you want to bond Rock...
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    DeFarts' IM 50gal Lagoon Journey

    I usually use Two Little Fishes Epoxy Stick in conjunction with Glue and never have any problem. Basically, Coral glue-epoxy stick-coral glue then the frag. Also, do the same when I frag and work really well. Especially for SPS; seems to heal and encrust faster.
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    Reef Cleaners Group Buy

    I am planning to order some Bumble Bee Snail from Please let me know if anyone want to order anything from the website? I am from Foster City/San Jose (and work in San Jose) for pick up. Thank you
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    Free Chaeto

    Just cleaned put my sump and have some extra Chaeto if any need some. Pick up in Foster City.
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    Looking for Backup emergency contact

    I work in San Jose 5 days a week so let me know if you need someone in case of an emergency!
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    How do you manage vacation?

    All great advices! We are actually on our 5th day (of almost 2 weeks vacation). Set up everything 3 weeks before vacation just to make sure everything work. Including shuttling down everything couple times to make sure everything come back properly. Got the return pump on a 1260wh Ecoflow...
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    Question on Vortech power backup

    Nice. I think that is plenty for running at 18W max. What brand did you end up getting?
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    Question on Vortech power backup

    Yes, the Ecoflow Delta seems very solid. What sold me are the ability to run it in by-pass mode and almost as an UPS. Then recharge super fast once power is back ON. Also there are safety features such as over temperature protection,etc...
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    Question on Vortech power backup

    I am not sure what you meant by "be used continuously"? The Ecoflow Power Bank can be plugged in 24/7. It has by pass circuit so anything you plugged in will draw power directly from the outlet (and only switch to battery when the power is cut off). The reason I don't have it plugs in all the...
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    Question on Vortech power backup

    It should last much longer than that even when you maxed out at 18W. Maybe you don't need the big one? Get something smaller. I got it directly from Ecoflow Ebay Store. They had a special sale and now out of stock. Just keep an eye out and I am sure they will have the sale again.
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    Question on Vortech power backup

    Yes, it is automatically switch to Battery power when the power is out. I tested with my Sicce Pump and the pump runs like there was no changes. When the power comes back, it will automatically switch back to grid power and recharge the battery. It is recharge very as well from zero to 100%...
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    Question on Vortech power backup

    I paid $465. Which I think a great deal compared to EcoTech Backup Battery for around $200 and only rated at 18 Amp-hour at 12V (equivalent to 216Wh). It might not be the best solution for everyone but it works for since I don't have any EcoTech and want to have hours of backup for the return pump.
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    Question on Vortech power backup

    I just got an Ecoflow Delta with 1260Wh. It is not not a true UPS but will switch over to battery power within 30ms. Testing out my Sicce SDC pump running at 70W. The battery should last about 13-14 hours which is plenty for me to get really backup power online. Especially when we are away...
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    Solar recommendations ***Instal Only****

    Are you from FC? We just had solar installed in Foster City last November. PM me if you want referral.
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    Hanna copper reagent?

    Foster City and work in San Jose. Send me a DM with Phone number so we could arrange meet up
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    Hanna copper reagent?

    I have an unopened box Hanna Copper Reagents if you want to have them.
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    Make sure your family is trained on power outages!

    Great tips! I will definitely have to get this done with family members and my emergency backup (when we away in vacation) I converted my Honda Generator to Tri-fuel (Natural Gas, Propane and Gasoline). Have been using Propane and Natural several times and it started with 1 pull. I was told not...
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    Hello, first timer here & Looking for any corals/fish that need a home that your getting rid of

    Welcome to the hobby and BAR! I am in Foster City/San Mateo and could give you some Zoas, Hammer, Toadstool and Setosa,etc...if you are in the area. Let me know.