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    We Pay the sales tax!!!

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    Deal of the Century! Not just the day or the week! It's the century!

    Sold and to a BAR Supporting Member!!!!
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    This is why I don't buy online

    If your saying ours are photo shopped your always more then welcome to come take a look in person we do use a orphek lens on our camera but no editing I am sure members who have been in could vouche for our coral colors Cali Kid Norcal
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    Hurry in while Cos is away!

    Glad you stopped in they look good
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    Hurry in while Cos is away!

    both are still available
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    Hurry in while Cos is away!

    We can ship to any BAR supporting members for only $20
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    Who makes a 36x18 drilled tank?

    Advanced acrylic we can get you a quote if needed
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    Unreleased Hydros Maven

    CoralVue was in the shop this morning the maven will be released 4th qt of the year its going to be a game changer for sure felt really solid small foot print
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    Coral sale

    i have a 20 gal for you lol
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    Coral sale

    We had a huge shipment of coral come in last night make sure to stop by and don't forget supporting members get a discount
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    Easter Sale

    If any of you want to come work for Free on Easter I will unlock the door
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    Easter Sale

    Huge sale new fish in today All coral buy 2 get 1 FREE Buy 3 get 2 Free in our priced out sections ($10-$200) today and tomorrow we will be closed Easter
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    Fish Flash Sale all Fish 50% Off

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    3/3 Frag swap at Cali Kid Coral

    Thanks for all the support we hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed everything we're always looking to go bigger and do more. Let us know if there is any change you would like to see for the next one
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    let me check for you
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    Were thinking of bringing in Fauna Marin Salt getting pricing now on Group buy pricing if there is any interest? We can also get Red Sea Blue and black bucket, Instant ocean & reef crystals , Fritz and asf salts Tropic Marine shipments are not consistent enough to offer
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    Huge new shipment

    We got a huge new shipment if dry good come stock up!!! New Store Hours Mon-fri 10-7 Sat 10-6 Sun 10-3
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    New Hours

    New Store Hours were staying open an extra hour during the week Tons of new dry goods and fish in Today Lrs Frozen food comes in Friday Make sure to stop by Monday-Friday 10-7 Saturday 10-6 Sunday 10-3
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    3/3 Frag swap at Cali Kid Coral

    Yes We Will
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    New pricing

    Everyone has asked and were listening were going to start pricing out the coral tanks. Of course we will still have our high end tank with most stuff having a ask sign