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  1. Patio

    LPS questions

    They look good though. Maybe they just need more time to settle in before taking off? That fox corals looks very happy. I don't see many of them around. Cool coral.
  2. Patio

    Randy’s Innovative Marine 75 Ext

    Thank you guys! Sorry for derailing your journal. tubes- They are the small type that grow out of light and underside of rock (I dont know what they are called). I had the goni in the shade to recover for a while. I will brush off the algae and vacant tubes.
  3. Patio

    Randy’s Innovative Marine 75 Ext

    The one I picked up from you in 2020 is trying its hardest to come back from the dead. I am not sure if I should leave it alone or frag out the dead stuff.
  4. Patio

    Randy’s Innovative Marine 75 Ext

    Looking really good! Is that the/your Randy's Flaming Lotus in the back right on sand bed of the video?!
  5. Patio

    Kessil World Premier at the 6/1 Frag Swap. Don't miss your chance!

    Wow great raffle prizes! fishtanksdirect website has more information on the lights and appears to be selling them.
  6. Patio

    Needing some advice on an algae bloom

    It sounds like you could benefit from more herbivores in your tank. Richard Ross has some great talks about algae. I think Richard would argue that water changes will do little to nothing to help limit algae. I think water changes are great for many things but not so much for limiting algae...
  7. Patio

    Anyone seen non-frozen mysis in LFS?

    Hikari claims theirs to be from brackish. I wonder where they are collecting from and also if brackish has advantages or disadvantages.
  8. Patio

    Derek's 225g - Magnifica / SPS Reef

    We agree here.
  9. Patio

    Derek's 225g - Magnifica / SPS Reef

    I watched the latest youtube circuit Allan went on but have no plans of trying myself. I like watching in on others trying new things. Would an instapot pressure cooker be considered an autoclave? I hear Telegraham recommending that for the sterilization.
  10. Patio

    Anemone disappeared

    Yes, it could happen. Check the overflow/vent.
  11. Patio

    Derek's 225g - Magnifica / SPS Reef

    Looks good! and your water is always looking crystal clear. Big fan of the wave and its dead-spot killing abilities. I use the wave box and absolutely love it. Blocked one of my return outlets to be able to utilize it. Glad I did.
  12. Patio

    Alex’s IM 150 EXT

    Hey Alex, I am curious what occurs with your phosphate readings after stopping kalkwasser. Does phos go up?
  13. Patio

    Innovative marine 170 EXT

    Reefi uno has a great par to $ ratio among many other selling points. Several members run them and speak highly of them. @Darkxerox is one I can easily recall. I have one on the shelf waiting to add to my current 3 Radion G5s.
  14. Patio

    Patio's IM 75 EXT

    That was my favorite coral. If it was showing tentacles I would try and feed it. Got it from Waldo's display in Pleasanton Wet Pets.
  15. Patio

    Patio's IM 75 EXT

    Lurking around reefcentral I noticed some of my old photos had photobucket watermarks through them. So I paid the 5 bucks to reopen my account for a month. I will figure out a better way to store them than photobucket. Might as well save a couple here! Jaebo tank about 40 gallons with t-5...
  16. Patio

    A Fish Story( Thank You @Kensington Reefer )

    Vibrant color on that pair!
  17. Patio

    Beginner reefer seeking advice

    Does that include bleaching the tank plumbing and back chamber? Or you thinking just remove the rock?
  18. Patio

    Beginner reefer seeking advice

    I am with Iani. Bergia. Let it eat then once it is out of food send it in a plastic-bag-spaceship to another persons tank with aptasia. Aptasia suck but suck a lot less is a nano tank when compared to a large tank where all corners of the tank and plumbing can't be reached to mitigate.
  19. Patio

    Derek's 225g - Magnifica / SPS Reef

    Mantis have such good vision that a static or unmanned trap may not be effective. I could be way off on this thought though.
  20. Patio

    Bright Green Hammer

    @Coral reefer I have something very similar, maybe same lineage? I purchased a frag from @Mozby in 2020 and he mentioned it had been in the club for some time and proved to be very hardy. I would be happy to give some to the chain. I was eventually planning to give some to Kenny and also offer...