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  1. kessilman

    Opportunity of a lifetime...

    Just Sales. Hourly to start. Editing main post to reflect. :)
  2. kessilman

    Opportunity of a lifetime...

    Full Time Compensation based on exprerience/qualifications
  3. kessilman

    Opportunity of a lifetime...

    Hello everyone, I may have overstated the subject a bit but just shows how much we enjoy our work here at Kessil. Kessil's aquarium line started here in the bay area and within 1 year it began to spread worldwide. Well with that growth comes the opportunity of a career in our industry and...
  4. kessilman

    How to clean Kessil optics?

    Sounds like you might have a pre-production model. All production versions use glass. Shoot us an email with the S/N and I can verify for you.
  5. kessilman

    BAYMAC2012 - needs new venue & host

    Sorry to hear this. The last show was great! Thank you everyone for all the hard work.
  6. kessilman

    Kessil Holiday Giveaway

    Hi Everyone, Have you heard about our Facebook Holiday Giveaway? Check out our facebook page for details. www.facebook.com/kessil.led Happy Holidays!
  7. kessilman

    MACNA 2011

    Hi Everyone! Just curious to see who will be attending MACNA? We will be at MACNA both B115 if you want to drop by and see us next weekend. We should have a sample of the final revision of Deep Ocean Blue for show and maybe a few other new lights.
  8. kessilman

    More Goodies Just Got unloaded...

    Sorry Robert, I'm far too busy slacking off next week as well. ;)
  9. kessilman

    BAR meeting June 11th let's talk about LEDs baby, let's talk about you and......

    I wanted to thank everyone that attended on Saturday. You were a great group to speak with and I look forward to hearing your feedback as we replenish stock in the stores. You all had very good and challenging questions. Remember to be smart consumers when it comes to purchasing LED products...
  10. kessilman

    Solar hot water panel

    +1 for Gomer's idea. Except you may want to use a couple of heater cores as they will be cleaner and more compact. Plus with the smaller form you will lose less heat during the recirculation. Alternatively you could pipe it to home made heating matts on the floor.
  11. kessilman

    Kessil is missing something pretty big.......

    Thank you everyone for your feedback! I will post the final decision soon.
  12. kessilman


    Glad to see everyone at the show. Just wanted to comment on one thing for now and will catch up on more later. The connection between the unit and the power supply is very common. I believe it is an E5, but I could be wrong. Please make sure if you use an alternative to the included power...
  13. kessilman

    Kessil is missing something pretty big.......

    Hello Everyone, BAYMAC was an awesome show and I am glad to have been there. It was a pleasure to have worked with BAR during this event and I cannot express my gratitude enough, especially for the hard working volunteers. Oh, and I can't forget the wet T-shirt contest that Sergio won (at...
  14. kessilman

    Kessil @ BAYMAC

    Hello Everyone! We are very excited about not only exhibiting at BAYMAC, but also being givin the privallage of sponsoring this great event. As you may already know, our lights will be displayed over the BAR frag tank as well as in our booth. We look forward to seeing everyone there...
  15. kessilman


    15,000k is what we have at the stores. If it isnt over a tank, I suggest asking to see it. David was the one I spoke to and he said he would be glad to show people even before they set it up. Let me know if you have any trouble.
  16. kessilman

    Vermetid snails & friends

    Thanks for the quick replies. Looks like the jury is out. Should i at least remove the one in the middle of the colony, or will it be fine?
  17. kessilman

    Vermetid snails & friends

    I've noticed 2 Vermited snails casting nets in my 12g nano. It seems that people usualy get rid of them. One is on the sand bed and the other is in the middle of a colony that now only opens about half way. Keep or terminate? :~ Also have what I think is a bristle worm weaving through my...
  18. kessilman


    So long have to post twice :p Keep an eye on our facebook page as we might start another contest when we get in more stock. Sounds good to me. I will either stop by in the next couple of days or in the begining of April as I will be in Colorado next week. One of the goals of Kessil...
  19. kessilman


    Looks like I have some catching up to do :O You know the saying "some things get better with age"? Well power supplies are definately not one of those things. The good news is if it is well built and allowed proper heat dissapation the loss in efficiency will be minimal. This is a good...
  20. kessilman


    We don't currenlty sell the components on the open market. However, I don't see a problem selling replacement parts :bigsmile: . As far as in 5-10 years from now you would be better off buying a new unit as the other components (fan, driver, power supply, seals) may start to wear out after that.