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  1. keRwin.D.

    DBTC: Unknown SPS

    Looks like Tri color valida
  2. keRwin.D.

    Mp10 wetside

    Thats awesome! Yes lets do it bro. Thank you. Ill dm you.
  3. keRwin.D.

    Mp10 wetside

    LF mp10 wetside if you have extra laying around collecting dust. Ill buy it from you. Broken old or new, Please message me Ty
  4. keRwin.D.

    FREE: AquaC Remora Pro HOB Skimmer

    Ill take the chiller if still available
  5. keRwin.D.

    jhuynh's IM 200gal

    Same here Lol 1 borbonius anthia 2 blue tang 3 gem tang 4 yellow tang 5purple tang 6 rabbitfish foxface 7yellow eye kole tang 8 achilles tang
  6. keRwin.D.

    Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 650

    Those chalice and that confetti are on fireee
  7. keRwin.D.

    Free JBJ 28 gal cube + critters, live rock, etc!

    Goodluck with your move bro, hope the tank goes to a good home!
  8. keRwin.D.

    LF/WTB: Purple Montipora Cap

    I have red monti cap if you need one
  9. keRwin.D.

    09/10 Member only frag swap

    First swap I’ve been into. Was a great success, got a chance to meet fellow Reefers in the group, got a few beautiful corals and equipments. Thank you for inviting me to this successful event
  10. keRwin.D.

    09/10 Member only frag swap

    Im hella late lol
  11. keRwin.D.

    AI Hydra 26 + arm

    hey ben, if you’re not going to the swap meet let me know, i can get it for you and just pick it up in fairfield.
  12. keRwin.D.

    July 2023 Photo Of The Month

    my golden inferno goni
  13. keRwin.D.

    Michael's 168 build

    You got wed, you got a house and you’re getting a bigger tank?! Nice! Congratulations bro! Hope all goes well with tank and moved.
  14. keRwin.D.

    Giveaway time!!! Hanna starter set (alk/Ca/ULR Phos/salinity) closes 6/18

    I already have this but just want to let you know, this is really so cool of you! Very generous bro. Awesome!
  15. keRwin.D.

    PIF - Dosers, pumps, lights, and more!

    2nd in line for 1 kamoer if it backs out too.
  16. keRwin.D.

    One fussy Neptune apex fmm and ATK set with 4 sensors (2 in ATK and 2 extra)

    Awesome bro! If you can hold it for me i can pick it up this wednesday or thursday morning.
  17. keRwin.D.

    4 Nudibranchs - For Free - Delivery Tomorrow

    Ill take it if still available
  18. keRwin.D.

    Some of my euphilias are desintegrating

    Oh no! Sorry to hear bro. Try to save what you can and dip it. Amox or cipro.