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    A's 56g —> 186g mixed reef

    My Xmas wrasse has its belly getting bigger/fatter than usual (almost double) - is it ok? It’s still active, swimming and eating normally
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    LPS questions

    Yes 100% this and all the above. I found out the hard fact that keeping my hand out-of-water the sensitive corals have a much better chance to survive and thrive than I put my hand in to play around with flow/placement/rearrangement.
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    DBTC: Sprung's Burning Bush

    It’s great to meet you and @tribbitt this morning. I have had a bad record of keeping macro algae. They all melted. That’s why I grew xenia in the sump in previous tank. I hope this time will turn around
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    Adding new rock structures w/o starting a new cycle

    Cook your dead rocks with skim waste and old waters from water change +pump and heater for 2 weeks. I made a mistake by rushing and putting in new rockscapes built from old rocks and is currently dealing with algae outbreak
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    A's 56g —> 186g mixed reef

    Thanks for your input. I will try lanthanum again + macro algae in sump to get 0.1 phosphate - still debating ammonia vs. nitrate dosing for 2-5 ppm nitrate
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    A's 56g —> 186g mixed reef

    @Darkxerox - I will look into it. I think it’s ammonium bicarbonate (not carbonate) Two weeks without light, flow, heater, fan… they look tedious but man they are standing strong. I wish my torches and acros as half strong as them
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    A's 56g —> 186g mixed reef

    Some rants on the hump day. In previous system and current one, I always have to deal with 0 nitrate (dosing neonitro to keep it at 2-5ppm) and 0.2 - 0.6 phosphate. I dosed Phosphate-E (lanthanum chloride) to bring phosphate down to 0.1 but it comes back up to the range after a few days so I...
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    Willie’s Last Aquarium Build

    Impressive list - looks like your angels are really angels to leave your corals alone. How is the A8SE light so far vs. smatfarm? Any problem with the app?
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    green hair algae?

    Can you take another picture under 100% white and no blue? Does it have thick short base? - look like bryopsis to me
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    Curly tentacles torch

    Still not sure whether it’s bacterial infection or not. It seems “happier” on the sand bed after the dips, no curly tentacles now Will closely observe couple more days and update.
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    Curly tentacles torch

    As precaution, I dipped it in CoralRX (~6mins), Revive (~6mins) and placed it on sand bed far from other torches.
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    Curly tentacles torch

    Bottom half of this 2-3 head torch have had curly tentacles since yesterday. Is it early sign of infection?
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    PIF: 56 gl rimless tank, stand, and T5 light fixture

    Pick up in South San Jose for supporting member. It still has some old water, black sand and xenia + “bad” critters like asterinas, bristle worms,..
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    Caption this:

    Red Sea's apex - Red Sea's climax
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    Free classic Reef Octopus 150-int body - no pump

    Let me know if interested before I trash it.
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    A's 56g —> 186g mixed reef

    That's so true. I'll add one more rockscape, re-arrange the current a little bit and leave the rest for fish. But everything has to wait for the old back and ass to heal first :(
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    Willie’s Last Aquarium Build

    Great jo!. You are so skilled. I need to drive up there and take a crash course about plumbing.
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    A's 56g —> 186g mixed reef

    Done with the transfer And in-tank aquascaping/arranging old rocks with corals on the 27” deep, filled with water tank is pain in the … back Phewww…. finish plumbing next. This is a test and validation of my clumsiness