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  1. Sfork

    Iron Man Litho

    Sure, I'll contact you after it heals up. I've heard people say it's not really a litho but it doesn't really fit any other category. It seems like other lithos, when it's deflated you can see the similar patterns like a litho and random mouths spotted throughout. There is a much higher...
  2. Sfork

    Iron Man Litho

    Thanks Erin! I'll give you the first frag Felicia, I have 2 more up for grabs. These are much bigger frags than last time, here they are freshly cut, still covered in debris and slime.
  3. Sfork

    Iron Man Litho

    I will be Fragging this tomorrow. It's run out of space to grow and it's growing on the frag rack now. I'm guessing I've stunted it because there are so many mouths now it looks like a leptastrea. Before the mouths were more spread out and random. 3 frags, extremely slow grower, pickup at the swap!
  4. Sfork

    Membership renewal

    Thanks denzil!
  5. Sfork

    Membership renewal

    I was a bit late paying my dues but I paid them last Monday. I still cant access some forums. Thanks, Tim :)
  6. Sfork

    Abalone Diving?

    I've always wanted to give this a shot. I may have to find a few friends that want to sign up for the guide
  7. Sfork

    Zambavi's green fuzzy mushroom

    I have 2 of these. I had to start pruning them off the rocks because they sting the crap out of LPS, seem to leave sps alone though.
  8. Sfork

    VorTech Alternative

    Thanks guys, after emailing Roger and reading the comments here, I ended up grabbing the 6095 and 7092. They're supposed to be here on Tuesday. My tank is looking mighty pissed off, I threw all my spare Koralias in there to try and make up for the flow.
  9. Sfork

    VorTech Alternative

    Thanks Gresham, I don't like Google for these types of things because then I end up wanting to buy the newest shiniest thing and spend way too much money :P. It looks like that PWM expansion module costs more than the wave controller :~ I was hoping to save money not necessarily expand...
  10. Sfork

    VorTech Alternative

    Hey, it's been a long break since I've been on. I had to focus on school the last few months but I finally graduated! I took a small vacation only to find my Vortech MP20 had once again failed. I've poured enough money into this stupid thing to buy it twice. My box and PS have intermittent...
  11. Sfork

    Hydrogen Peroxide dipping

    Acans = ok Chalices dont even try.
  12. Sfork

    Euphyllia's BioCube 29 HQI

    Haha, I used to use that exact same lamp on my Biocube 29.
  13. Sfork

    Another reason found for coral die-off The elkhorn disaster is the first known...
  14. Sfork

    Sfork's 33.6 Gallon Mr. Aqua Rimless

    Gold leptastrea. Both those pieces will be up for trade soon.
  15. Sfork

    Sfork's 33.6 Gallon Mr. Aqua Rimless

    Purple and Green Cyphastrea I don't know the name :) . It's relativity young so the polyps don't protrude out as much, it grew out from half an inch that was left on an acrylic frag stick.
  16. Sfork

    Sfork's 33.6 Gallon Mr. Aqua Rimless

    Got a new camera LX5. Got a good deal on ebay. Here are some test photos, most were cropped.
  17. Sfork

    Mini Nems

    I've noticed they are smart enough to move away before anything happens.
  18. Sfork


    I would like to give this a shot :)
  19. Sfork

    Looking for Volunteers at Steinhart

    I would love to help! I'll send you an email.
  20. Sfork

    Rich Ross at SF Nerd Night Wed 7/20/11

    Darn missed it. I got all excited about seeing it then saw that it was this past wed, lol.