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  1. Crosis

    PLEASE RSVP - Jan. 12th - BAR Potluck & DIY LED Workshop @ 1:00pm

    Looks like my Wife, Kids, and I will be there. We will most likely bring my homemade chili since I just went and picked up all the stuff for it.
  2. Crosis

    BOD + Rockscaping Demo w/jestersix - April 2012 - room 2338

    As it currently stands I will be out of the country for this meeting, would it be against the rules for my wife to appear with a video camera in my place?
  3. Crosis

    Volunteer Needed to Move Empty Tank

    Do you still need help with this?
  4. Crosis

    March 10, 2012 BAR Meeting Featuring Bob Fenner ! - room 722

    It was definitely a good speech. It sucks I got called into work, good thing I had my computer with me and just remote logged in through the College's WiFi. Good to see you all there. Welcome to the boy who got my Coral, Take care of it. I'll want a frag once my tank is up and running...
  5. Crosis

    Any good firearm training in the Bay Area?

    Morgan Hill Range is one of the primary locations I believe... I know they have a couple places they train at.
  6. Crosis

    Any good firearm training in the Bay Area? Couple of off-duty San Jose Officers teach the courses. Contact Patrick and Dave I was one of their first students so the classes were pretty small when I went. I have nothing but praise for their teaching...
  7. Crosis

    December 10th meeting potluck food items

    I'll bring in some homemade Chili... Do we have a preference on mild or hot? This will have Meat in it, sorry to all the vegans/veggie eaters out there...
  8. Crosis

    Neptune Aquatics 435G SPS Display Tank Build

    If you need a PAR meter I have one I can bring by sometime this weekend... Let me know...
  9. Crosis

    Under sink drinking water filter recommendations

    When I picked up my AWI Typhoon, I grabbed the external tank and sink faucet as well... Figure if I'm getting the kit, I might as well get one the whole family can benefit from, esp. since I was putting it under the sink anyway... I don't have a water dispenser in my fridge (by choice, wife...
  10. Crosis

    Kessil is missing something pretty big.......

    Phoenix (Considering the color it should be, a black box with a Phoenix and flames wrapped around it would look pretty decent, and the red/yellow bird should be an easy indicator of the actual color of the light itself)
  11. Crosis

    BAYMAC 2011 Volunteer Thread

    Running Late
  12. Crosis

    Random health, diet, and exercise talk

    I've had 2 reconstructive surgeries on my shoulder, 1 exploratory (repair bone anchors, that ironically pulled out 3 weeks later again)... I've had a minor scope of my knee, when I messed it up... I hyper-extended it, tore my acl half way through, fractured my Patella, tore my hamstring...
  13. Crosis

    Random health, diet, and exercise talk

    Jumping in a bit late... I'm quite a bit over my target weight... (Target 170lbs, Current 245lbs) When I was in the service I was extremely muscular, and in great shape... I ended up getting injured, losing the majority of the strength and range of motion in one of my shoulders... To...
  14. Crosis

    Help me add 2nd membrane onto RO/DI

    Nope, I installed it under the sink, I have a pretty decent amount of pressure there...
  15. Crosis

    Help me add 2nd membrane onto RO/DI

    I called AWI about this when I was buying mine, I ended up getting the 150 on the typhoon, and a 75 on the waste water line... I can have my wife take pictures in a little while to show you...
  16. Crosis

    LF glass shop in/around San Francisco/Daly City, recommendations?

    I had a few holes in my sump (I took a 120g reef ready tank, removed both overflows... The bottom was drilled with 4 holes). What I did was order the proper bulkheads from BRS (I got threaded x threaded ones)... Then I went to HomeDepot and picked up some plugs from the plumbing section... I cut...
  17. Crosis

    Drilling Acrylic Tank for Bulkhead

    ha, one of the ways I was able to clamp a thin board down over a lip was to use the magnets left over from an upgraded vortech mp40, the magnets hold extremely well, especially if you have a couple sets... just an idea, maybe some rare earth magnets from a hobby shop can help you out...
  18. Crosis

    Anyone know or have rubbermaid stock tanks?

    I picked up a 270g from Tracy for $350 So I would definitely say the farming area's are the place to look...
  19. Crosis

    Ecobak/Bio Pellet Questions

    Think an Eheim 1250 (320gph) is to much power for the BRS dual GFO / Carbon reactor? its a little more powerful then the Maxijet 1200 (295gph) that is recommended, but its also quieter... From what I have read, it seems its more beneficial to have a stronger pump...
  20. Crosis

    BAYMAC is looking for Bay Area businesses to hang posters and put out fliers...

    I can ask my LFS if they wouldn't mind... It has a pretty steady flow of people in and out... I've been talking to him about coming to BAYMAC so he can see what its all about, maybe get him to better his saltwater setup and make it a bit more presentable...