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  1. Song


    I would like a frag of this one. @Krak256, @Darkxerox, @Song, have requested a frag. This post was automatically created by BARcode
  2. Song

    Where to get chaeto in the south bay area?

    Violet sea aquarium. $10 for a handful
  3. Song

    6/1 Members-Only Frag Swap at Mission Blue Center

    How to sign up for the raffle?
  4. Song

    6/1 Members-Only Frag Swap at Mission Blue Center

    Just buy container from Dollar Tree
  5. Song

    6/1 Members-Only Frag Swap at Mission Blue Center

    I remember the rule that two same ultra corals can only count for one bonus ticket has been removed. Am I correct?
  6. Song

    Hurry in while Cos is away!

  7. Song

    Top Shelf Aquatics didn’t charge sales tax on online order?

    I remember this is because if a retailer does not have business entities like office/warehouse etc. in a state, there won't be online sales tax for buyers of the state.
  8. Song

    Half priced ($4) CFM tickets 05/04 - LAST CALL (05/01)

    2. Payment sent. Thanks
  9. Song

    Looking to Borrow a Fishtank For CFM

    What's the foot print size?
  10. Song

    Looking for frags/fish setting up a tank for local school in San Jose

    I have neon green toadstool frags and a few bright orange mushrooms if you're interested.
  11. Song

    Song's Reefer 250

  12. Song

    Song's Reefer 250

    Yeah actually I rearranged the placement of the torches and the corals around them many times until now their tentacles could not reach other corals easily. Zoas or even SPS did get stung badly. I also found that although theoretically euphyllia won't bother each other, my torches would indeed...
  13. Song

    Song's Reefer 250

    Thanks Derek!
  14. Song

    Song's Reefer 250

    Yes it's a panther. Ambilobe though
  15. Song

    Song's Reefer 250

    I have a few orange- Yeah when I added the tangs, the plan was that by now I should have got a 72inch long tank.
  16. Song

    Song's Reefer 250

    Been a member for about a year and finally feeling in the mood to write about my tank Everything started from a gold fish and a small 0.5 gallon fish tank I bought from Walmart. I bought the fish, then I realized the fish wouldn't be happy in that small bowl, so I bought a better freshwater...
  17. Song

    180 CDA build

    I have 4 suction cups. Feel free to borrow if you need more than 8