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  1. Rcruz392

    Derek's 130gal (525xl)

    Great thread bro! The tank looks great already can’t wait to see this grow out, keep asking questions the help is here. Also Tommy is the new tank boss lol
  2. Rcruz392

    Trace Elements

    Do it in moderation. Just follow the dosing instructions, aminos are always good for the tank.
  3. Rcruz392

    Fathead anthias

    I feed mine frozen brine and tdo medium size pelleted. He doesn’t even touch the thera A+. I’ve had mine for about a year now.
  4. Rcruz392

    (CLOSED) Half-price ($4) CFM tickets for supporting members (and volunteer request!)

    I bought my tickets through bar so might be at the front on Saturday, who ever asks for it first it’s all yours.
  5. Rcruz392

    (CLOSED) Half-price ($4) CFM tickets for supporting members (and volunteer request!)

    Hey guys I won’t be able to make CFM I have two tickets I purchased. Happy to give it to any supporting bar member.
  6. Rcruz392

    (CLOSED) Half-price ($4) CFM tickets for supporting members (and volunteer request!)

    I’ll take two tickets please, what’s the PayPal to send money to. I’ll send right now, thanks.
  7. Rcruz392

    Reef-Roids and torch

    I’ve also read that this is similar to what vermitide snails do where they spell out a secretion yo help suck in more food into their mouths.
  8. Rcruz392

    IM EXT 50 Tank

    Nice I’ll keep a look out on there once I’m ready to upgrade.
  9. Rcruz392

    IM EXT 50 Tank

    Nice setup looks nice and clean! I have the 50 lagoon as well but the AIO and wish I had the EXT so my filtration can be better, but I make do. But can’t wait to see the grow out in your tank in the next few months. PS: try buying from some of the guys in the group for Sps, everyone has great...
  10. Rcruz392

    Free Zoa rock maybe 30-40 heads

  11. Rcruz392

    Black urchins

    Asterisms eat Dino’s, just get a bunch of those guys
  12. Rcruz392

    Lets see them full tank shot

    11 months mixed reef
  13. Rcruz392

    Richie's Reefer 170

    Tank looks great so far, welcome back to the hobby!
  14. Rcruz392

    Ryan’s Mixed lagoon

    Finally got my par to where I want it in the tank, I was cooking this tank with par reading a to the mid 600’s! I’m just glad I didn’t lose anything, but things weren’t looking happy so I knew something was up. I also have a reefbrite I got in the brs sales that comes on which adds about...
  15. Rcruz392

    DBTC: Scrips Acropora

    I just added Scrips Acropora to DBTC. There are 1 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  16. Rcruz392

    Newbie reefer from Fremont

    Nice! Welcome!
  17. Rcruz392

    Lets see them full tank shot

    innovated Marin 50 lagoon FTS
  18. Rcruz392

    Help w/ PBT in QT

    Thanks for the reference, that makes a lot of sense. Possibly why things showed up late with issues because it was already internally affected by the ammonia.
  19. Rcruz392

    Help w/ PBT in QT

    No it wasn’t, but I have bought form 6th Ave before with no issues especially when putting it through quarantine. I know it can be a risk but I know what risk I take that’s why I QT first. But this fish was purchased when it first arrived at LFS so it was floating so that may of been my first...