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    Can I use water from the Ocean for my saltwater tank?

    hi, just an fyi I sell rodi for $0.50 instant ocean for $1 and red sea coral pro for $1.50 per gallon.
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    Can anybody please help with plumbing? Sunnyvale area

    nice, like others had said I wouldn't use it externally. if your still having trouble give us a call, we charge $90 per hour for home visits. good luck.
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    if your ever in Newark I give store credit. thanks
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    Frogspawn and Green Nepthea

    I give store credit for unwanted corals.;)
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    My cool new CL find!

    lol people on craigslist are doing stuff like this all the time. hand fills of live sand for $5, astrea stars for $1 each, Duncan coral for $30 per head the list goes on and on!!
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    Aussie gold torch

    nice!! I only find these once or twice a year. looks good.
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    Aussie gold torch

    @NanoCrazed did you see the colony for the orange branching hammer?? just asking because it looks like a tiny wall hammer. either way definitely a nice piece.
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    Indo ban lifted??

    so it looks like we will have new indo corals coming in over the next few weeks. I got several emails from suppliers yesterday.
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    Fat head dendros

    Hi, we have about 15 they are $40 each and we have colonies from $100 to $360
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    Losing power tomorrow.

    If the fish are important to you I'd get a generator or at least a few air pumps. I had a customer loose power to his 280 gallon aquarium for 13 hours and all fish died but almost all coral lived. This just happened 2 weeks ago in tracy due to multiple transformers going out.
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    Possible Meeting site for Frag swap and other events

    I'd be willing to let BAR use the back of my shop for frag swaps, free of charge but no tables or chairs.
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    Aussie gold torch

    Thanks for coming in, im glad your enjoying the torch!!
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    What’s better 2 Kessil 360 or 1 Kessil 700?

    I love radions we have about 20 on display in our store. We also have 2 kessil 360 for low light corals. I personally prefer radion because its has multiple leds per puck in each fixture. I noticed shadowing issues with the kessil on larger corals. That being said i think kessil is easier to set...
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    What’s better 2 Kessil 360 or 1 Kessil 700?

    Why not two radion xr15? ;)
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    Where to find live rock

    We get live rock from Indonesia. If you want to buy 55 lbs (1 box) its $350 otherwise we dry it and sell it for $9 per pound, i have about 400lbs available.
  16. California_Reef_Co

    Tank Setup / Maintenance Companies in Bay Area?

    Hi, your to far away for aquarium service but I'd be more than happy to set up your tank. Install would be $500 to $900 depending on the setup, equipment, and location of the tank. Good luck!!
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    So why do people buy water?

    No, pick up only. I do have a 300 gallon container I loan out.
  18. California_Reef_Co

    So why do people buy water?

    If it helps anyone I have rodi for 50 cents per gallon, just sayin......... lol
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    Recommending a Super Glue Gen in a bottle

    I have reef cement and tlf corafix glue in stock. Medium bottle is $20 large is $50, reef cement is $25
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    So why do people buy water?

    It's always best to mix your own water unless you cant... living in an apartment building or having a massive tank are perfect examples. I just sold 150 gallons of ro to a customer this week so he can fill up his tank with whatever salt he prefers asap. It's nice to have choices!! None of the...