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  1. California_Reef_Co

    California Reef Co is under new ownership!!!!

    stop by and say hi to Anthony and Matt!!! we will be open 1/1/17 all dry goods will be %10 to %80 off depending on the item. all corals are %25 off!!!
  2. California_Reef_Co

    Halloween Sale!!

    Our tanks are packed! Over the last two weeks I've important 15 boxes of hand picked corals. sale will run from 10/28 to 10/30. . $10 & $20 frags are buy 4 get 4 free . $30, $40 & $60 corals are 25% off . All fish are 15% off . all Cadlights tanks are 10% off . All fish food is 10% off ...
  3. California_Reef_Co

    Moving sale

    Sale starts 7/27 and ends 7/31 We are moving to a different location and need your help lightening our load. Our new address is 37420 Cedar Blvd, Ste A newark Ca. We will be closed Monday 8/1 to Wednesday 8/4. 35% off ALL FISH Buy One Get One Free for all 10$ and 20$ Corals! Real Reef...
  4. California_Reef_Co

    Fathers Day Sale!!! (6/17-6/19)

    15% off all fish food All frags are buy 4 get 3 more free All warner marine products are buy one get one free All fish are 20% off 5 gallons of ro/di water free with every $30 purchase Real reef rock $6 per pound 20% off all water All cadlights tanks are 10% off
  5. California_Reef_Co

    Ca Reef Co is Hiring

    Hi, we are currently hiring part time employees 12-24 hours per week. please send your resume to & Responsibilities include cleaning, fragging, aquarium maintenance, sales, ect. entry pay is $10 per hour + perks pay re-evaluated after 6 months...
  6. California_Reef_Co

    Ca Reef Co is Hiring

    Hi, we are currently hiring part time employees 12-24 hours per week. please send your resume to & Responsibilities include cleaning, fragging, aquarium maintenance, sales, ect. entry pay is $10 per hour + perks pay re-evaluated after 6 months...
  7. California_Reef_Co

    5/3/16 Super Rare Leptoseris, Yellow Octo-frogspawn, Ultra Zoas, and Fishies SALES

    Sup BAR! 5.3.16 Fish List Powder Brown Tang (4 inches) - $60 = NOW $35 BiColor Angel (2.5 inches) - $39 = NOW $18 Kole Tang (3 inches) - $46 = NOW $30 Coral Beauty Angel (3 inches) = $35 = NOW $20 Fire Fish = $15 Yasha Goby = $60 Blue Star leopard wrasse female SR Clownfish Spotcintus...
  8. California_Reef_Co

    4/14/2016 Corals Corals Corals! LPS/NEMS/SPS :)

    Hey BAR we've got some new pieces in this week and the return of some favorite familiar corals too! Interstellar Mushroom CRC Berserker Mushroom (No relation to SR Berserker Mushroom) Blue Spot Mushroom Premium Blue Spot Mushroom Aussie Gold Torch (Our last Frag!) Aquacultured...
  9. California_Reef_Co

    4/12/2016 Yasha Goby Combo SALE + Fish List + Hot Zoa Colonies

    Current Fish List SALE Purple Tang $160 SALE Yasha Goby + Pistol Shrimp Paired $80 (limited and available seasonally!) SALE Bangai Cardinals $15 Pajama Cardinals Tiny Sergent Major Damsel $5 Banded Pipefish Borbonius Anthias Pygmy Hawkfish (cute!) Orchid Dottyback Black Neon Dottyback Neon...
  10. California_Reef_Co

    Weekend Rain Sale! DI$COUNTS!!!

    Hooray for Rain! Let's have a sale! -Buy 4 Frags, get 4 Free! -10% off ALL fish -25% off RO and Saltwater! Frag Sales only apply to priced corals. By the way, our mushroom game is on point right now! -WWC Bounce -California Reef Co Jade Dragon -ASD Orange Fire (In Picture) -ASD Forest Fire...
  11. California_Reef_Co

    Check out this Bubbly Plate Coral!

    This plate coral came as an itty bitty hitch hiker, the size of a dime! We grew it out and one year later it became this super cool plate coral with bubbly lightning shaped tentacles. Come check it out in person in our 220 Gallon peninsula display tank!
  12. California_Reef_Co

    1/29 UPDATE: ORA Hawkins Echinata / Wild Acro / Endless Zoas

    1/29 Update: We're receiving a good size shipment of acropora frags from ORA. We're also receiving a shipment of wild acro and various LPS corals. Something about.....BLACK TORCH CORAL?! Including the real deal Hawkins Echinata / Red Planet straight from ORA. If you haven't been to the...
  13. California_Reef_Co

    Designer Clownfish List / Dottybacks / Fish List

    We've got the cheapest and best looking designer clownfish in town right now and wanted to give these guys all good homes. Most of these clownfish are 2 inches or smaller. Designer Clownfish Lightning Maroon Clownfish Davinci Grade A Wyoming White Flurry Premium Snowflake Black Ice Naked...
  14. California_Reef_Co

    Rare Borbonius Anthias SALE + Gorgeous Plate Coral SALE

    All Pictures are WYSIWYG and linked to the website. We offer 30$ shipping to California Residents. Believe it or not we have received online orders from the Bay Area. It's very convenient not having to drive especially if you're in the San Francisco area. Locals definitely come on by the...
  15. California_Reef_Co

    Electric Blue/Gold Maxima Clams and Cheap Beautiful Elegance Corals

    Blue Purple Maxima Clam - 160$ Electric Blue Maxima Clam - 160$ Electric Blue Maxima Clam - 160$ Small Gold Maxima Clam (only 3 inches!) - 80$ (My Personal Favorite) Electric Blue Maxima Clam - 160$ Blue Purple Maxima Clam - 160$ Teal Blue Maxima Clam - 160$ All Blue Maxima...
  16. California_Reef_Co

    Ultra Grade Coral Shipment + BLACK FRIDAY SALES

    Hey BAR! We've got the motherlode of coral shipments in this week! Ultra-grade Zoa Rocks Super Unique Mushrooms Blastos Crazy Trachyphyllias Ultra-grade Fungias Rainbow Acanthophyllias Nice Chalices and MORE. BLACK FRIDAY DEALS 50% off all $10 & $20 Frags 25% off all Coral 20% off all Fish &...
  17. California_Reef_Co

    California Reef Co: Extra Help Needed (Part Time)

    California Reef Co. is looking a motivated individual to help out Part-Time on Sundays. Job Duties Clean the tanks in the fish room. Scrape the algae off the glass. Remove the detritus. Acclimate new livestock to the tanks. Help bag and sell fish, corals, and other livestock. Minimum...
  18. California_Reef_Co


    super man JF hot Lips Emeralds on fire Feeling Peachy Blue Berry Violet JF Jungle Juice L.A. Lakers
  19. California_Reef_Co

    SUPER SALE: Trachyphyllia/Scoly Show Piece Corals Gallery!

    Looking for that splash of color for that empty spot in your tank? Look no further! These unique trachyphyllias are priced to MOVE! You won't find trachys with this much color for this price anywhere! All Trachyphyllias are 100$ or LESS. First come first serve. You snooze you looze...
  20. California_Reef_Co

    space invader chalice 20% off this weekend!!!!!

    Frags start at $20 Here's part of the colony