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    Who's cleaning their solar panels?

    After seeing my wife's car last week before she washed it figured I'd check what my solar panels looked like and... well see the picture. Now I'm not sure how much is actually being blocked here, but I figure this was a good enough time to clean them off. Now I don't have a fancy internet...
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    I saw Constantine with Keanu Reeves...

    this is exactly what Hell looked like.
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    Anyone ever deal with underground yellow jacket removal?

    Just noticed a nest in the backyard, hole actually. It all came because last night was smoke free and cool so windows were open and of course I smelled a skunk, so went out to shoe him away... or attempt to... he just looked at me for a second then went about continuing to dig holes...
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    Review: Icecap Phone camera clip on kit - Picture Intensive.

    So Icecap is basically have a 20% off everything they sell until August 31st (I think) so in order to get free shipping at a BRS order I tossed one of these in, normally $30 but for me $24, so only cost me $24 to save $6 in a shipping :D... but I did want something like this anyways, so it's...
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    Maxspect "Jump" line of equipment

    good lord did Maxspect send out samples of their equipment to everyone with a reef channel? I saw Reefbuilders do a review of everything, then one of the other channels, and I think the Youtube algorithm kicked in and thought I wanted to see everyone who reviewed it. Seriously, saw someone...
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    I feel like Kaiser-Permanente ripped off my pops.

    So I brought dad to Kaiser for an eye exam, he needs help due to mental problems, unfortunately after the exam they only allowed one person to sit with the eye glass technician or whatever they're called (not sure if they're actual optometrist or if they're ex-car salespersons), and after a...
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    Upset with Red Sea's nitrate test kit.

    So tested phosphate 0.1ppm range, ok fine... tested nitrate... and the water does not change color. 3 separate times I did the test, the last one with the refill kit I just got, and still no color change at all. And I have a really hard time believing my nitrate is 0 considering I don't...
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    Cat converter stolen

    Welp it was inevitable, someone yanked my cat on my Prius. Think it happened sometime last week or before, I noticed a small spring on the street, and didn't pay much attention to it, then when I left today and heard the god awful sound I knew what happened, looked under the car and saw...
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    Frozen food, where? how much?

    Ok so I'm kind of running low on frozen food, and as much as I'd love to support LFSs... there really aren't any that are *L* to me. It's hard enough to drive an hour (one way) to get to one of the "preferred" stores of the area, I really feel bad doing it when "essential only" type...
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    Making Lemonade - Mike's Lagoon

    So my 200 gallon tank leaked from a bottom seam, I'm not even going to attempt to repair it either just not worth my time to attempt to do so, just hoping Spectrum will through a few c-notes my way as compensation for it, but the reality is that's not even what really upset me, if I just tossed...
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    So in thinking of breaking down my softy tank and just moving everything over, and seeing some aiptasia and bubble algae.. now second guessing and needing to be WAY more careful. I noticed what at first I thought was just some large cyano patch growing, but after taking a picture and zoom in...
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    How long does it take for your glass/acrylic to "dirty" up.

    And in the poll I put "should" because I know where people actually do it, and when they should do it may differ by a considerably amount of time :) Basically I'm wondering how long is it when you THINK you should clean your glass, whether or not you actually do it :) I'm just curious...
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    $19.95 ICP test now?

    Not sure how comprehensive Fauna Marine is... but wow! $19.95 for a test, or buy 4 tests for $70 (17.50 each!)
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    Well school is suspending in person classes

    Due to rising number of cases in San Francisco of COVID-19 the Board of Trustees of City College of SF decided to stop face-to-face meetings of classes after the end of this week through potentially the end of the semester. Lowell high school shut down earlier, and honestly I expect the entire...
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    Not sure how I feel about this, BRS order

    So last night was the last day of the 10% sale off quite a few items, I am getting low on kalkwasser so look at what options are available, ultimately decided on the BRS "Pharma" kalkwasser (that's another post in itself). Add it to the cart, it normally is $30+ but with the 10% off it's...
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    Vertex brand going under?

    Just noticed BRS with a "liquidation sale" of 40% off Vertex brand stuff, skimmers, sumps, everything. I have both the Alpha 250 and Omega 130 skimmer, both are decently built pieces of equipment always seemed they wanted to aim for almost Royal Exclusiv level of quality (in fact early...
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    really need to think generator

    So power has been out for 5 hours now, first alert told me 9:45 things should be restored, then 9:45 came and passed and then it was 12:00. Well herr it is after noon and still no power. Pg&e is saying they are still investigating the problem and every now and them truck drives...
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    Deal Dead

    No more available
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    So what type of bubble tip do you have?

    Maybe not the same as someone else. Here's a MACNA talk, the gist of it is that many of the things we think are all the same may not in fact be the same. It talks about many things, but the bubble tip part really got my interest since there's so many different bubble tips out there as far...
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    Reef Bunnies?

    Ok so this is something that's been perplexing me for a while. I seem to get little white "puff balls" that cling to sharp surfaces (rocks, corals, etc) and they look a lot like... dust bunnies (see where the title comes from)? Now sometimes I could swear they look like mysis shrimp bodies...