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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by bareefers, May 3, 2008.

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    well after ready the dbtc i couldn't help but come and join this site. i currently am a member on Manhattan reef's as well as RC. ill give up a little info to start, been in the addiction for about 2 yr's now, currently have a 50g breeder sps tank running on t5's and vho's switching ballast out to ice cap 660 and a 430 and going back to 6 t's still up in the air on config. using a euroreef rs 135, current 110th hp chiller. ac jr controller system is a closed loop but still have to add power heads, in process of deciding new recirc pump. running 2 2 little fish's reactors. one for carbonone for phos, just your good ole basic system that i have been lucky with, this tank has only been going about 3 months, did the undicided tank switchs and finally happy with this, { till i move and go big } went back and forth lps, sps and back. and now back to a 80% sps dominated tank. i really love the program you guys have going on, as a reefer who have given a ton of stuff away, { nothing like having back-up piece's and the chance for someone else to benifit also. plus i like to see how a piece does in someone else's tank } went with a little bigger skimmer then needed ;D cause i like fish also, currently have a female pylie wrasse, 8 line red sea flasher, a p. flav super male, pair of clowns. and a few more :eek: but fish all get along and seem happy. can't wait to read further though this site as well. here's a link to my tank
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    Welcome aboard! Nice looking tank.
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    Welcome to the club!
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    Welcome to Club!

    Feel free to ask away

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