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2 Azure damsels looking for a good home


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If you follow my tank journal , i have 2 azure that i am not going to put in the main display. Beautiful fish, completed 30-days copper , 2 dose of General Cure + 4 dose of Metro. No sign of disease or injury.

The pic is not the best, as the QT is slowly getting buildup of algae.

I started with 3, and these 2 pair up and almost kill the third. The bullied damsel is more mellow, and happily coexist with other fish in the DT. These 2 also started to pick on chromis twice its size in the 10G QT. It could be the tight space trigger the aggressive behavior. I am not risking it in my display.

If you can provide a good home for these 2 fish, let me know. Please provide info on their new home. Its not the fish fault, its just the stupid human that is too optimistic on the compatibility.

Instead of bring back to the LFS, i figure i offer it to the forum here.

Pickup in Santa Clara.


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Sump them at thesassyindian's sump haha.
Unfortunately my sump already have two 3inch striped damsel or else I would help you take them.


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You might be able to give them to local fish store also.
Perhaps even for a bit of store credit.
Although for damsels .... who knows.