AI Prime HD vs Kessil A160WE

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by hermit, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. hermit

    hermit Supporting Member

    I currently own a Nuvo 8 gallon tank and am planning to get a Lagoon 25 in future. Which light would you guys recommend? Looking at the PAR comparisons on AquaIllumination's website, the Prime seems to beat the Kessil.
    I'd also like to know the PAR reading that members have measured with these lights.
    I've used a Kessil before (which died last week) and I was pleased with it but I am tempted with the flexibility of the Prime.

    Suggestions please!
  2. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    What corals are you trying to keep? I’d think they’d both be fine for that tank. Kinda personal preference on the differences imo.
  3. hermit

    hermit Supporting Member

    @Coral reefer Currently I mainly have Euphyllias, Zoanthids and few low light SPS like birdsnest. I am looking for something that'll be strong enough for my future tank (Lagoon 25 which is about 24” x 20” x 12”) in case I try out higher light corals.
  4. My opinion.
    1) Nothing looks better than a Kessil
    2) You can't compare PAR because of the way LEDS work. Kessils generally show as about 20% less than what they are. Full explanations available elsewhere
    3) Go watch the BRS video that compared all major LED's. Kessil outperformed them all
    4) But any of them can work :)
    5) I don't believe that a single 160 is enough for that tank. Kessil (and all manufacturers overestimate coverage.) I would go with a single 360. I have the Lagoon 25 and have had a 160 and it's just not enough.
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  5. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    I’d maybe go w hydra 26 instead of prime if you’re worries about footprint. I think prime has more than enough light intensity tho.
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  6. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    I have 12 AI-primes on my tank. Work great.
    You must have a wireless device (phone/laptop) to set them up.
    AI fans are noisier than Kessil, but WAY easier to clean the screen.
    (dirty leds fail)

    I think it comes down to your tank color preference.
    Do you run your tank fairly cool-and-blue? (deeper reef) If so, I would recommend Kessil.
    Do you like a more bright-daylight-white> (shallow reef) If so, then I recommend AI.

    Yes, colors are adjustable, but given the diode choices, I really do feel that
    each one is built for a different color temp and looks noticeably better in that mode.
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  7. hermit

    hermit Supporting Member

    I don't completely understand this. Why would kessil show 20% less than what it is? Also why can't be PAR compared?

    Could you point me to a resource?
    Such a tough decision to make!
  8. Long and short of it is PAR is a gross measurement of all wavelengths, however, the entire spectrum isn't used for photosynthesis. Kessil's technology concentrates the wavelengths used for photosynthesis in corals and invertebrates. Basically they boost that range and ignore the non-growing wavelengths that are added in to other lights when measuring PAR. According to Kessil PUR is the more accurate measurement for their products. It concentrates on those wavelengths that matter.
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  9. Kremis

    Kremis Supporting Member

    I had an ai prime on my 20 gallon frag tank standard size, and i had to run it at like 20% intensity because it was bleaching SPS
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