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(All gone) Moving: Frozen foods, Oyster Feast, Phyto Feast, API test kit, caribsea sand

Hi all. My tank has moved to the new place in Seattle and I don't have a freezer set up there yet (have someone else taking care of the tank for a month before we're up there full time), so am looking to see if someone wants to pick up these refrigerated & frozen items:

- 6oz bottle Phyto Feast
- 6oz bottle Oyster Feast
- Hikari Mysis frozen cubes (about half a pack)
- Hikari Brine frozen cubes (almost full pack)
- Seachem Zooplankton
- RedSea Reef Energy Plus AB+

I also have a couple of dry items:
- API Reef Master test kit -- Chewy sent me one with a broken bottle so they sent an entire second test set I won't use before expiration
- Caribsea sand -- it's been open for about a year so isn't 'live' sand anymore, but good sand nonetheless! about 1/4 of a bag

I'm in Sunnyvale and will be in town through Thursday afternoon if anyone wants them.


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