And the winner is:


I saw this "Tank Spotlight Award" and thought it might be fun? Feature a different tank every month? Anyone else interested??
Cheers! Mark


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Thought the same thing - fun!
If it were October I would nominate my main school tank because it is currently a living nightmare.


There are a lot of amazing reefs in the club that some of us will never get to see. So we were thinking:
Once a month a different member will be picked to write a quick bio of themselves and their reef (with a couple pics.) Perhaps some tricks, advice, things that they do that make their reefs thrive, biggest mistake, etc.... That person will then select the next reefer to "spotlight" their reef.
Any input would be welcome!
I was thinking it wont be a contest and reefers wont be judged - all in fun


We are a go. Have approval from BAR leadership and are moving forward. We have decided on the first member of BAR to show their reef. It is not a contest, but the reef we have chosen is beautiful, mature, and worth seeing in person if you ever get the chance. That person has been contacted and will be announced shortly in a new thread. Thanks to that member for participating - I know it is tough being the first!! The chosen reefer will showcase their setup (roughly following the guide below) That member will then pick the next member to showcase their reef and give me the name. If you are chosen, show your reef with:

- bio of you and your reefing experience
- details of your set up
- Perhaps some tricks, advice, things that they do that make your reefs thrive, biggest mistake, etc....
- a couple of pics.
- then select the next reefer to "spotlight" their reef.
Dont want this to be a lot of work for anybody , just a fun way to show our reefs. Feel free to change any of our input ideas


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Very fun plan.
Something to strive for after my big tank reboot.

But I think you should have waited to announce it with the pictures/article.


Ahh, so the above post was a joke.
Yes, we will give the first reefer (and future spotlight reefers) time to gather their thoughts, and get a couple of nice pictures before they are announced to the "membership". When they let me know they are ready, I will start a new thread in this section of the forums that they will use to showcase their reef. I think that out of respect we should allow the member showcasing their reef to have the first post in their thread. And we can all save our comments/questions til AFTER they have presented their reef. Currently I am thinking at least 1 tank a month.


I really enjoyed Kris' reef and think he did a great! He also decided on the reefer to spotlight their reef next. And the next reefer is.................