got ethical husbandry?

Anna & Pablo’s RSR P650


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My daughter did it for me.
Well, they are awesome. She can do my doors any day! When you get sick of Fresh Water, you can always make that an easier Salt Water tank type. A Softy, LPS tank with more chill fish would not be such chore. You were working with a tough set-up given a mixed reef and big fish. Always find that the most challenging.

Not sure if you saw my post in first tank journal since coming back to the salt world, but I said how I was impressed with BARcode. I remember the original implementation from before and man is it way better now. Didn't know that was your work, so hats off to you sir! Wish I had the chance to buy you a beer.
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Tank is mostly clean and I got some bio balls and seachem matrix to get biological filtration established. Dropped in one bottle of nitrifying bacteria and although the water is a bit cloudy, it smells better every day. The initial die off of saltwater critters in the overflow and pipes was very stinky indeed.

The main decoration for the tank will be this piece of wood that has been in our yard for 10 years.


I just need to figure out how to cut it.