Any idea what type of eggs these are?

Discussion in 'Breeding' started by Paulie Wan Kenobi, May 21, 2016.

  1. Hello All,

    First post here, be gentle. Does anyone have any idea who these eggs belong to? Just spotted them grow in under my torch. I have a diamond watchmen, (2) phantoms, and a flame hawkfish. Some invertebrates: Astrea, bumblebee, margarita, nassarius, and trochus snails, mit crabs, brittle star, tuxedo urchin. I've scoured online, but haven't found anything. Any help would be great. Sorry if this is the wrong forum to be posting in.

  2. Coral reefer

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    Looks like sponges to me
  3. Flagg37

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    That's hard to tell. Have any of the tank inhabitants shown an increased interest in that area of the tank? How long have they been there?
  4. No, I haven't noticed anything favoring that side of the tank. Just saw them today actually. Here's another pic:

  5. robert4025

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    Seasquirts or sponges
  6. Thanks for all the replies!
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