Reef nutrition

Aqua exotic blue w/ red rimmed Yellow eyes

I Have 1 or 2 of these ready to go. I hate the rules part, so short and simple. Don't be a Dick! Give out at least 2 of these before you sell or trade. Only exception is BAR members only swap.
Please be confident in your Lps/chalice husbandry, and loop me
Back in if I lose mine.

Priority to those That are active In the club and dbtc, and updates every 6 months or so with a pic are appreciated!
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Thanks Mike. I got it dipped and placed and I'll get a pic of it in the morning when the lights come back on.
Sweet, hope it does well for you. Should get more color than it currently has. Still trying to dial in the lighting on my frag tank. Im glad to finally get some of these passed out to people. Been meaning to do it for a long time. Aqua exotic has been gone for like awhile. Must've had this thing like 2+years. Almost killed it twice already.


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I think he's still settling in. He's not as puffy as my other chalice but I think he'll get there.


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Cool. I was wanting to see a shot of this chalice. @Flagg37 - Are you planning to leave it near your sandbed or move it higher?
My lighting is fairly intense so I've got my other chalice at about the same level. Any attempt to move it higher is met with discontent.