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Are CO2 Calcium Reactors out of favor nowadays?


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Coast Fire Supply in Livermore. I didn’t check on a 20lbs, but I can’t imagine it’s more than $60.

It was $25 bucks for a 5lb fill, $30 for a 10lb fill.


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Probably less than half price of what it is in berkeley then. Anyone near berkeley know some where cheaper than air gas?


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I filled a 20# cylinder on 8/5 at Airgas and it was 47 dollars. Tank swap out.
There have been roumors of CO2 supply chain issues, so maybe prices are going up.

4445 Oakport St
Oakland, CA 94601
(510) 533-9353


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Thanks for the discussion guys, I think I'll dust off the gear and see what condition it's in. Mostly the regulator. The reactor itself I think is fine.