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Ashburn’s RSR170 build


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So life goal's change and decided to down grade the big tank

This RSR170 bare tank was from @xcaret and he got it from @kinetic because the overflow glass section was cracked upon arrival. I took this opportunity to make a diy stand that has magnet door and at my desired height instead of reasea's shorter stand and weaker material build.

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Light mount is up!, I'm glad no one bought those light mount from me :p
who knew that I need it several years later down the road. and it holds my a500x just fine. Just need to print a light spill hood.


the back of the tank showing how light is mounted.

Build a custom exact fit sump with salvaged acrylic tank from @Kensington Reefer, it's not perfect, but it will hold water! going to test after the cement settles.
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Time and cost. I work two jobs now that I was ready to quit the hobby until my wife suggested to get a smaller tank instead.
A softy tank is great for low maintenance/time. Imo though a smaller tank will take more time as you'll have to do water changes more often then on a big tank.