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BARcode v1.41.0 - the Christmas update!


I just released an update to BARcode that completely revamps the equipment UI.

First of all, the list of items is now more compact and only has a single action, "queue", which takes you to a dedicated page for the item.


The queue has been redesigned and now splits out items that are available, showing how long they've been available.

You can see the overdue item indicator.

In the list of members waiting, it shows both how long they have been waiting and when it is expected they will receive it.

Actions are now in-line. Since I'm not on the list, all I can do is "get in line" which is now a big blue button. If you are in line, you will see a "drop out" button. If you have it, you will see either a "pass it on" or "done with it" button next to your entry.


Enjoy, report any problems and have the happiest of holidays!