Berkeley Student - New Nano Reef Setup


This is my first post on this forum, so thanks for having me. It seems to be super active so I am excited to contribute here.

I am a UC Berkeley student, going into my second year. I want to try my hand at keeping corals in a nano reef. I've kept all sorts of freshwater fish in the past, but this will be my first attempt at trying SW. My goal is to keep some nice corals and a few inverts, but I don't plan on keeping any fish.

Is there anyone here who is in that area who could help me with finding a reliable LFS, and finding good deals on equipment (i.e. RODI unit, AIO tanks, etc)? I want to ideally keep a few colonies of LPS and other softies. Some groups that have caught my eyes are Favia, Favites, Scolymia, and Euphyllia.




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Welcome to BAR. Check craigslist or reefcentral for used gear. If you become a supporting member, you will get access to our buy/sell/trade forums. You can find AIO tanks and for sales posts of corals too. I am not familiar with any fish stores near Berkeley but if you have transportation, check out Diablo Corals or Aquatic Collection.


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Welcome. Be prepared for up and downs in this hobby. Once you get the hang of it it can be relaxing


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Hi Shane. Reef tanks are awesome and can be a ton of work. I'm a big fan of AIO for small tanks. Not sure how small you mean by nano. My classroom in Pleasant Hill currently has about five tanks under 30gal running if you want to check them out and compare (not all are stocked).