Our mission

Board of Directors - 2015

In case for those of you who didn't get a chance to read our last meeting's minutes, we'd like to welcome our new BOD members for 2015! Effective immediately, they will also serve the remainder of the 2014 term to help with the transitional phase to next year's efforts.
  • President: Denzil Villarico (@denzil)
  • Vice President: Mike Brown (@Coral reefer)
  • Treasurer: Mike Ray (@mray2660)
  • Secretary / Social Specialist: David Corkrum (@2manyhobbies)
  • Sponsorship / Public Relations: Michael Huynh (@Enderturtle)
  • Facilities / Event Coordinator: Steve Patchin (@patchin)
  • Webmaster:
  • Officer at Large:
  • Director of Photography/Social Media
Feel free to check the Meet the Board of Directors (BOD) page for each BOD member's bio. Also, we're always looking for help so if you're interested in volunteering for events, larger initiatives, or want to become a part of the BOD, feel free to contact any one of us in the list above.

Congrats again to the new BOD!
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