BOD Meeting minutes- 12-30-14


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Minutes of the Bay Area Reefers Board of Directors
Newark, CA 12/30/14

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm. In attendance were:
President-Denzil Villarico
Vice President-Mike Brown
Treasurer-Mike Ray
Secretary-Dave Corkrum
Four out of seven present, a quorum.

1. The main purpose of the meeting was to determine what the calendar of events would be for the new year. Using the ideas from members and after much discussion, a calendar was created for 2015. Some events were dropped and others were combined. The Board of Directors meeting schedule was also created. Most will coincide with general business meeting.

2. The following schedule was suggested and approved. Dates after March will be tentative.
January- No event planned
February 7, 2015-Fragging Workshop/Gear Swap and Giveaway. BOD will meet at the end.
March 14, 2015-Members Frag Swap and General Membership Meeting. Denzil will reach out to Charlie and Sergio for running the swap. Mike Brown will post a poll about cover price for member frag swap.
April 11, 2015-Reef Nutrition Tour. Denzil will talk with Reef Nutrition. Possible backup is a talk from a Reef Nutrition expert.
May 2015-No event planned. BOD meeting online and/or telephone.
June 13, 2015-LFS Day Tour. Denzil will coordinate with local LFS’s.
July 11, 2015-Controlling your aquarium-Reef Angel and/or Neptune Systems-TBD. Denzil will talk to Terence Fugazzi (Neptune Systems) about controller talk. Mike Brown will talk with Roberto (Reef Angel) about controller talk. BOD will meet at end of Meeting.
August 2015-No event planned.
September 12, 2015-Scott Fellman-Unique Corals and Regional Frag Swap. Denzil will reach out to Charlie and Sergio for running the swaps.
October 10, 2015-General Membership Meeting/Mini Frag swap. BOD will meet at the end of the meeting.
November 14, 2015-Steinhart Tour
December 12, 2015-Speed Frag Swap/Afternoon with Rich Ross

3. Other thoughts and ideas that were discussed include giving raffle tickets for every time you make a purchase at LFS-sponsored events and for bringing a certain amount of corals for swaps.

4. A motion to approve the new bylaws has been delayed until the next BOD meeting in February. There were some changes to Section IV and the draft needs to be reviewed before a vote to approve can be made.

There being no other old or new business, there was a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded and the motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

David Corkrum
January 11, 2015


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Personally I like this direction. Maybe throw in some coral grow out contest for some friendly competition here and there
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Reef Nutrition tour? They finally letting us into Willy Wonka's factory?? Last I recall hearing from Reed was the location was hush hush.


Reef Nutrition tour? They finally letting us into Willy Wonka's factory?? Last I recall hearing from Reed was the location was hush hush.
Yah, you are indeed correct. Nothing has changed since the last two times we gave presentations at BAR. We'll come to you, but there is NO coming to us. Algae 51 will remain a mystery. FWIW to those that wonder why... Reef Nutrition is a very minor part of what we do. Feeds for aquaculture is what we do, worlds largest producer of marine phytoplankton concentrates and live bio-secure zooplankton. We have a lot of trade secrets to protect.


Who you wanna hear jim? Wanna help get them here?
I don't mind helping out. Who do you guys want to hear? Jake Adams is due for a return talk. Josh and Stuff of Cold Water Marine be cool speakers. It might be good to check with NorCal and MARS to see if we can go in with them to save cost.
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Jake will be in the area spring time, staying at my house... so he'll be cheaper then. He will be on the road in a few weeks, for the rest of the year.