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BOD Minutes 2/11/17


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Below are the minutes from the Board of Directors meeting.

Bay Area Reefers
Minutes, 2/11/17
Sheraton Hotel
1100 N. Matilda Ave
Sunnyvale, CA

The convened at about 12pm. Present were President Mike Brown @Coral reefer, Vice President Bob @tankguy and Secretary Dave Corkrum @2manyhobbies. Also in attendance were Sponsorship Coordinator Rolf @Corallus and Officer at Large Jon @Flagg37.

It was noted by the president that @Corallus, @Flagg37, @tankguy, and @roostertech did not have privileges on the website. The president would have Webmaster Denzil @denzil take care of this.

The only other item was the preparation for the members frag swap. This will take place on March 11, 2017 at Chabot College. Facilities/Event Coordinator Steve @patchin is aware of the date and time and will be making arrangements with the college for a room.

After some discussion, it was decided that registration for the event would start at 11am. There will be no charge as this is a members-only event. At 12pm, the swap will start. Lunch (pizza, sodas and water) will occur at the same time. @Coral reefer will order lunch. Each member will be in a group, selected at the time of registration. The groups will rotate through and be given a certain amount of time to make their selection.

@Corallus will talk with the LFS and see what kind of raffle items they may be willing to donate. @Flagg37 and @tankguy will be in charge or registration. The president will contact Vincent Huang to see if he would work to identify bonus corals. @2manyhobbies will take care of security, making sure the correct group is going into the swap and coming out with the correct number of frags.

@Coral reefer will check with Treasurer Mike @mray2660 about sending an email to current member about the event. He will also have @mray2660 order more glue.

The only other business was about having a guest speaker in the future. @Flagg37 will be talking with Steve Tyree who will be in the area in August.

Having no other business, the meeting adjourned at 1pm.