Bonus/Ultra SPS List - 2021 update


Almost impossible to find the 10k/20k lokani nowadays.

BigR definitely should be ultra if it can be confirmed even though it grows really well considering that it's a tenuis. It's always in demand. The OG PM is nearly impossible to find as well along with its pink counterpart, which is even rarer and slower growing.

Appending the ultra list with suggested additions.

1 Inch – Arc Fireworks, Route 66 Merlin's Staff, Gonzo's Cookie Monster
1 inch - Copps 24K Millepora
1 inch - Diabolic Pacman
1 Inch – JF Foxflame
¾Inch – JF Homewrecker
¾ Inch – JF Jolt
1 Inch – JF Serial Killer
3/4 Inch - JF Sunday Driver
1 inch - Orange Passion (SC/RR), Ultimate Orange Passion
1 inch - RMF Acid Trip
1 inch - RR Lady in Pink
1 inch - RR Pink Floyd
1 inch - RR Wolverine
3/4 Inch - RR Angry Bird
1 inch - TCK Pikachu, TCK Lightning Bolt
1 inch – Tyree Ice Fire Echinata
¾ Inch - Tyree Purple Monster, OG Pink Panther
1 Inch – Vivid Tweety Birds
1 Inch – Vivid Bada Bing
1 Inch – Vivid Yellowjacket
3/4 Inch - Vivid Four Loko
1 Inch - Vivid Pink Passion
1 Inch - Vivid Confetti
3/4 Inch - Vivid Insanity
1 inch - BigR Walt Disney
1 inch - Wet Thumbs Mother of Pearl
1 Inch – WWC After Party
1 Inch – WWC Helios
1 inch - WWC Somewhere Over The Rainbow Millepora


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Great input people, not ignoring anyone, however we're way too close to the swap to change things up. So any updates will have to be for the next swap at the soonest.

Just to clarify, if people want to know if something they have qualifies by all means post, we do have people looking at it requests of "how about this" it may take time to get to, but as we get closer to the swap things may go unseen before the swap. Just FYI, I am NOT the person who's giving the thumbs up/down on these corals except in one case due to lack of volunteers to help, we do have people looking at the SPS side of things though.
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What do you guys think about Miyagi Tort? For bonus Corals I think I can get 2 frags. I think is to late for this. :D