Calibrating a Jebao DP-4


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Hey everyone.

I recently picked up a jebao dp-4 dosing pump. I'm basically writing this post to ask for advice on calibrating the pumps themselves. I know people generally use that airline tubing, but I'm going to try to use RO lines instead.

Should all of my in lines and out lines be the length I planned for them to be for when I put my dosing pump in its' permanent place? Or does calibrating only help determine how long the pump needs to operate to get fluids through?



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You should calibrate in as close to the final position as you can, to be the most accurate. But ultimately it's probably not completely necessary


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I'm not familiar with that unit, does the calibration cover all pumps? Or does each pump have a calibration ability? If the later then it doesn't matter if everything is the same length. If the former, then calibration is probably largely useless, good enough for an average amount but just realize precision will be lost.


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Calibration for each channel. Calibrate to 100ml regardless of fitting tubes used. If you don’t have a measuring cup then use water to calibrate to 100mg? If u have a scale...

When the dosing pump finishes dosing the fluid remains in the tube so it doesn’t matter how long the tube is. You can prime the line using manual dosing before setting up the auto dosing. Happy to FaceTime and help if needed.