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Featured DATE CHANGE- Fresh Food Feeder Fridge Workshop and Reef Nutrition 8/28/2021

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Our July event is- A workshop with @Scott Sweet to build a fresh food feeder fridge like his, AND a presentation with Q&A with Chad Clayton from Reef Nutrition!

When: Sunday, 7/18/2021 starting at 10a
Where: Scott’s home in Campbell

Reef Nutrition products are optimized for this kind of feeding system; Chad will discuss this with us and answer any questions we have.

Scott will be walking us through the process of building our own feeder fridge during the event. He will be posting a parts list with recommendations, and additional details. GHL has generously offered a 15% discount on their dosing pump to support this project and the club!

Scott’s build thread:

Additional discussion:

We will be having lunch as well.

For supporting members. Since we will be using power tools and sharp objects, best not to bring young children. Please RSVP in the poll.

Scott Sweet

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I will put together the parts list....the cost for everything other than the doser...~$220. If you choose the GHL doser, assume another $425 as you need the Standalone doser. The RedSea doser will fit and a little less expensive, but I don't know if they will be available to buy by the time we have the workshop.

One thing great about the GHL Doser is it works with their magnetic stirrer so if you choose to dose something that needs to be mixed, you can stir before dosing.

Scott Sweet

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Total Price is ~$240-$280 depending on what parts you want to buy...Frig price has gone up a lot since I built mine ($130 vs. $190)

Parts List (for you to buy) for the Auto Feeder:
  • Refrigerator - Danby 1.7Cu Ft. Frig - Price has gone up quite a bit on this refrigerator since I made mine. This refrigerator (no freezer) has the small shelf at the top and most of the new ones don't appear to have this 2nd shelf.
  • Injector - Injector
  • 2 SxT Unions - White, Home Depot. If you want to go with gray, get schedule 80 unions...Gray Unions I used gray unions and black pipe to make it look nicer :).
  • 4' of 1/2" PVC - White just get at Home Depot. Black Pipe - Black Pipe (BRS is out of black pipe now...may have some down the road.)
  • 1/2" TxT Gate valve - water flow adjustment
  • 1/2" TxT Ball valve - shutoff
  • 4 - 1/2" male adapters for the valves
  • 1/4" acrylic tubing based on the number of bottles you want to hook up. Each one needs about 8-12".

I will provide the following as a kit for $20.
  • Clear PVC glue (This is not high pressure so I use clear to keep it pretty)
  • Silicone
  • Teflon tape
  • 3/16" Silicone Tubing
  • 3/16" Fittings
  • Zip Ties
If you have questions, let me know.
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Scott Sweet

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All, the survey at the top has the headcount I am tracking. I would like to have a final number by July 1 or so. I need to order the other components and need to know how much stuff to buy and allow for shipping to get it to me. Some of this stuff has to be ordered online...


Scott Sweet

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I wonder what the feasibility of using a cheaper dosing pump is for this purpose? I have a couple bubble magus ones sitting around...
It may work just fine. I am not familiar with the way it can be programmed. You really need a wireless method of programming because you may not be able to touch anything on the pumps while they are in the refrigerator. Taking them in and out is cumbersome because of all the tubing going through the wire shelf.

The height of the top shelf is 4" and the depth is 10"..the width is 14". If the dosing pump will fit, by all means. I have 2 pumps side by side (length wise) and it just fits.

As I mentioned, the one advantage of the GHL is the fully integrated magnetic mixer...but if you are using only Reef Nutrition products, you don't use the mixer. But products like MarineSnow, Acropower and RedSea Reef Energy AB+ and such require the contents to be mixed before dosing.

Someone from the club stopped by this weekend and we talked about other refrigerator models. The thing unique about this refrigerator is that it has 2 shelves and no freezer. Most of the other more recent models only have the one shelf and it is lower in the refrigerator. It gives you more height for the dosing pumps, but it cuts into the room for the bottled food in the refrigerator.

If your dosing pump will fit, by all means it should work just fine.
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