DBTC: Hawkins echinata


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I just added Hawkins echinata to DBTC.

Request a frag to be notified when they are available.


Oldie-but-Goodie. It's hard to find blue-ish coloration in acros. This one hits that note just right.

One accidental frag available (pic is of the momma). Got into a fight with an entrusting monti, breaking off this DBTC offering in the process, and losing a couple branches in the tussle.

Considerations will be given for those with long-standing success with acros (unless already in your sig, I'll need a link to a tank journal, folks). Pick-up in Pacifica is preferred.

I will need back-ups for this piece, so winner agrees to have a piece available if mine takes a turn for the worse.
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