DBTC: Miami Hurricane Chalice


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Please pass on a frag to two supporting members for DBTC purposes before doing anything else with frags. Anybody that has passed on a frag of this moves to the top of the priority list to get a replacement frag. Would like to see frags of this go to actively participating members with a history of success with chalices. Updates and pics on how your frag is doing occasionally would be great as well.

I originally got this from @Newjack , so if he ever needs a frag of this, he has numero uno priority.

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I have two frags available. Pick up in Castro Valley. Not first come first serve, will evaluate interested parties in a couple of days to provide members time to respond.

These were cut just a hour ago, so will need a couple days to heal.

Frag #1

Frag #2


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Randy you definitely have a “green thumb” when it comes to growing chalices. I swear that frag you grew out must be bigger than than mother.


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@jhuynh @musclebenz

Looks like you are the only two interested. Let me know when you’d like to pick up. I’m located in Castro Valley. I’ll also be at CFM (probably around 11-1).


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was gonna update my piece this weekend but here it is. before and after picture. grew some more mouths on the edges

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Thank you Randy - what a generous size chalice! I hope it will like my tank.

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