DBTC: WWC Paradise

Mike Yasin

Supporting Member
I just added WWC Paradise to DBTC.

Get in line to be notified when new frags are available.


Needs to color up, but healthy and doing well. Once I frag it, I'll update availability.

Please be someone who has a tank journal, a track record of keeping SPS, and has contributed SPS to DBTC.

First in line if I lose mine, no reselling, and if you leave the club, you agree to rehome to a current member.

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Picked up my piece to grow and share. Nice to meet you @Mike Yasin

I believe this is the correct photo but might need to update. I’m going to adjust some of my rock scape so this isn’t so close to the other corals but wanted it somewhere safe since I don’t have a frag rack in this tank