Do you want an extra frag swap per year?

Discussion in 'General Club Business' started by Coral reefer, Aug 27, 2016.


do you want another frag swap per year?

Poll closed Sep 10, 2016.
  1. Yes, another just like the 2 we currently have would be great!

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  2. Not really, 2 is plenty for me...

    13 vote(s)
  3. Yeah, and I think it should be for high end nice corals exclusively!

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  4. Sure, but we should focus on beginner corals and not have bonus rounds etc...

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  1. Geneva

    Geneva Supporting Member

    I don't think much is frowned upon with this club and I think it is a great idea for members to trade amongst themselves whenever they want in addition to DBTC if that is what they want to do. We all know how expensive this hobby can be and it just seems many corals do well in one tank but not in another. I think educating and sharing ideas and corals with each other contributes to this club's success.
  2. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Colorado member

    When I first joined (a little less than a year ago) I was completely caught off guard by the generosity of the club's members. People were sharing equipment, corals, doing favors for each other... Things like that go a long way with people and it creates a culture where that's the way things are done in the club. I'm looking forward to being able to give back as much as I can to other members.
  3. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    I do believe in being generous. That's what I like about dbtc. As my tank matures Ned corals grow ( which is what's happening ) you'll see more involvement from me. I even used a connection to supply prizes to our raffle. We should all be here to help one another
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  4. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Whatever we do, please keep the bonus round.
    Funny though - while I like it, I don't participate in it.

    I bring what I have, which are easy corals like branching hammer and other softies.
    I would feel really guilty doing that if there was no bonus round, even though when
    it is my pick, I avoid the fancy stuff anyway.


    Another thought is to encourage members to donate corals at each meeting for the raffle.
    It seems better than putting some free coral on the web for first come first serve.
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  5. Wlachnit

    Wlachnit Vice President

    That's been my surprise as well....
  6. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    I don't mind the bonus round either since I was on the lookout for one specific sps. I was looking for an icefire and knew there was going to be at least one at the swap. I placed the rest of the corals in the regular swap in lieu of more bonus round picks.

    I probably should have banked another icefire since the one that I got RTN'ed. Maybe next time.
  7. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Colorado member

    I picked up an ice fire from CRC on my way to the swap. It was only about 1/2" though so I didn't swap it. They had more though.
  8. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    I was at CRC earlier this week and picked up an "icefire" echinata as well. It's this piece, which is a confirmed Aussie wild. Bleached in their tank, but still has polyps and tissue so I'm chancing to see what it'll color up like.
    [​IMG] +

    It's not the OG lineaged (Aquascene) piece, which is the one that I'm looking for.
    Lineage frag

    What it grows up into (old colony shot from my 10G).
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  9. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Looking like most people feel like 2 swaps are enough. I let the members speak and leave it at 2 for next year!

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