Email responses should be formatted better?

Discussion in 'Wouldn't it be good if...?' started by zeroinverse, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. zeroinverse

    zeroinverse Guest

    The emails I get about people responding to threads is a bit confusing to read.
    There is no "divider" to show who responded.

    Often, I see the post as "so & so" person wrote a comment, and somone replied to it, but you can't tell where the original "quoted" response ends, and the responder's new response starts.

    Or else I must be reading the emails wrong/weirdly.
  2. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    Yeah, it's definitely not ideal/great. :(
  3. zeroinverse

    zeroinverse Guest

    If you want, I can help reformat the emails that get send out. I'm sure there is a Drupal "thread response" template that we can adjust.

    BAYMAC Guest

    Drupal will be dead to us soon
  5. zeroinverse

    zeroinverse Guest

    I heard about transitioning to new system, but have no idea what the new system is or how it will be better...

    BAYMAC Guest

    Yeah, the bod long since stopped posting meeting minutes, though I thought the reason we did it in the past was to comply with the law?

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