got ethical husbandry?

Evan’s JF limelight hydnophora

Coral reefer

DBTC Officer
@Oakland Evan got this at a CFM from JF himself. He has given me some pieces, and I wanted to offer 2 frags to start with.
Please give back 2 frags to the chain before selling trading or swapping.
Please have a tank journal.
Update this thread once in awhile with progress and ideally pics.
Like my post in the dbtc info and rules sticky.
If evan or I or others who complete links in this chain ever need a piece of this back please put us at the top of the list
I’ll pick two people after some time to see who’s interested.


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About 20 years ago I had a colony about the size of a volley ball. It was really nice. Sadly it died in a tank crash.
I know they send out long sweepers.
I'd like a frag. Let me know if I can pick one up.