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Fragging Workshop Saturday, 6/11, 1-3pm

Will you attend the fragging workshop?

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In preparation for our next Members’ Swap, we are having a fragging/dipping workshop Saturday, 6/11 from 1-3pm. As a bonus, because the event is hosted by High Tide Aquatics, you will get to check out a new saltwater shop at the same time!

Location: High Tide Aquatics, 2819 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94602

Supporting members are welcome, can bring a guest (space permitting). No children since we will have some potentially dangerous equipment active.

We will be discussing and getting hands-on practice with techniques for fragging coral, mounting coral to plugs/rock, using frag containers/swap labels, dipping new frags for pests, and whatever else you guys would like. We will have band saws, bone cutters, scalpels, glue, plugs, rubble, etc to use. If you want to bring your own tools or donate some consumables, great (and let us know). Everyone should bring your own safety glasses, and gloves if you’ll use them.

We would like attendees to bring some coral colonies that you would like to have fragged up. It will help to have a variety of types of coral to practice on. What you do with the resulting frags of colonies you bring is completely up to you; options include taking them home again, donating some or all to the swap, giving or selling to the folks there, etc. Whatever makes sense for you, just have something in mind by the day of. The main thing we need is coral to practice on. Even dead coral skeletons would be helpful for practice.

Volunteers: we are also looking for additional volunteers who would like to help teach fragging techniques, please reply in thread below.
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Anyone attending interested in buying a piece of goni that I'm bringing to frag? Market name is Gonzo XXX Goni, though I'm pretty sure it's technically a bernardapora.

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Like $20 for a frag this size? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Can go bigger but probably don't want to cut frags any smaller than this for survivability reasons.

I'll take one too! Haven't kept one since they've become easier to keep, so encouraged by your success.


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Looks like my Saturday freed up so I am down to join and meet a few of you all. I'd be in on a Goni frag if available too but defer to others first. Hoping to find some goodies at the Host's shop. I don't have anything to bring nor do I even expect to bring anything home more just want to see the Bandsaw in action (only fagged softies and SPS before) and say hello.
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