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FREE - 180 gallon tank, stand, hood, equipment

Hello, all. I've left the hobby and would like to give away my tank and equipment which have been left dry for many, many years.
- 180 gallon tank, sump and refugium
- Stand with hood, including lights
- Misc equipment, hopefully salvageable: calcium reactor, protein skimmer, osmolator, etc
PICK UP in Vallejo. They're in the driveway now. You'll need a truck!
Please email me if interested:
Thank you.
Jimmy Sarmiento

About me:
I joined BAR in 2005 and was past treasurer during the early days. I'm glad to see the names of "old" members from back in the day still active here.

Jim you alive! I remember you and your baby bangai fish.
Alive and well, thank you, Arnold. Who else is still around from circa 2005? Is Rich(?) - the CAS biologist, still active? He hooked me up to donate the big leather corals from my tank, and I was able to get a behind the scene tour when I delivered to San Francisco.

Speaking of banggai: