Free Corals - 15 very large, fully encrusted bali green slimer frags

Hello! I have a small frag tank in my sump that is dominated by 15 bali green slimer frags. They're big (some are 4"+), they're full encrusted onto frag plugs, and they're free to anyone willing to come pick them up.

I live in the Glenwood neighborhood of San Rafael. I'm also happy to throw in a free frag of ORA purple gorgonian.

Let me know if you have any questions.
You should have created a PIF on your bar code so ppl will know that you contributed corals. I look at that when I give items in DBTC. I'm sure others may check your giving frags habit.
Also, I look for what DBTC items ppl give when giving items from my tank.