Cali Kid Corals

Free final Tank Teardown Items

My teardown is reaching the end and I have only a few items left for sale (see craigslist or reefcentral postings),

There are a number of items that I am giving away for free to club members (account MUST be paying support or at least 3 months old)
  • Everything is now gone
I am sure there are other items that I am forgetting to list but you are welcome to look through the boxes of remaining gear for anything else.

All of the items are in north Berkeley and I will be in the area over the holidays. I will update list with available items. If item is listed then it has not been claimed.
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Hi, I wouldn't mind that Calcium Reactor! If the Reef Angel controller can do pH monitor/control, I'd love that too!

I'll text to see if you still have them!