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    Greetings, my name is John. I've been looking for a group of fellow reefers in my area for so long and found this site. I live in north bay (San Rafael) and met a few reefers around this area but would like to know more. I have a 100g DT, that my wife calls "my other girl friend" but - hey, it's my hobby. Tank has been up for just a little over a year, and to be honest my corals are just starting to color. I've had a tank full of brown sticks for the longest time :). I'm moving my tank this weekend and hope it can survive the move, never done this before but will give it a shot. The tank is a Red Sea reefer 450, which I replaced the stock sump and hard plumbed the entire thing. I've drank the ecotech koolaid, L1 return, MP40QPD pumps on each end, with XR30 gen3 radions. I have 2 over my tank and wish I would of purchased the pros. I'm an IT geek, so had to get the new APEX, which to be honest is turning out to be a challenge. When it comes to reef aquariums, I'm all in. I love to see other reefs, I ask a ton of questions and always willing to help. Love this hobby so much, getting ready for MACNA next month and can't wait. This is my second time going. If you guys have a get together, would love to come and introduce myself in person.
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    Hi and welcome!
    (Pssst you forgot the tank pics)

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    I should take more pictures of my tank. The pics are when the tank was just started, at the time I was pretty proud of my plumbing job :)
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    That is some NICE plumbing you got going on in there. Very professional looking. It definitely looks like you're on the right path. Keep up the nice work, Happy Reefing. Keep it simple & fun.
    & Welcome to BAR. Although, I see you're not to full on corals yet. You might want to check out the "coral farmers market" happening August 5. A lot of us BA reefers will be there, as well as the club will have an information booth about the club.
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    Welcome to BAR.

    Become a supporting member.

    Start a tank journal.

    What problems are you having with the Apex?

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    welcome :)
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    Must not be a very serious relationship you have if it's only your "other girlfriend" put a ring on that tank! Make it feel special! :D

    But welcome, very clean looking tank, but I'm curious you said brown sticks, but I don't see any sticks. Was that a picture before coral? or after your move?

    As to the brownness problem of your coral, there can be a number of things effecting that, however you've kept them alive for a year (presumably the brown isn't diatom/algae covering the skeletons!) so that in itself is a good sign, now simply tweaking things once you figure out what your issue is and it'll look good before you know it. It's always hard going at the beginning since SPS corals grow relatively slowly, it will seem like you've had frags in your tank for the longest time, then one day you'll notice the frags don't look so fraggy, they look branchy then you start to feel good about everything.

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    I am a noobie to the hobby and this group of people has been great. You found a real quality group here.
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    Hi and Welcome

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