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Discussion in 'Air, Water and Ice' started by Crosis, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Crosis

    Crosis Guest

    Just making sure you guys are still up and running. I've made several calls, all straight to voice-mail. And sent a couple PM's here on the forums. Nothing has been responded to or acknowledged...

    Everything alright?
    Are you guys still in business?
    Are you still taking orders?

  2. iani

    iani Supporting Member

    I sent an email out to the person that handles all the clubs. I will let you know if I get a response.
  3. iCon

    iCon Supporting Member

    Good thing I have this handy gift certificate :~
  4. iani

    iani Supporting Member

    If you order something with the GC I am sure it will be fine. They are still a sponsor on RC so I know they are in business.
  5. iani

    iani Supporting Member

    BTW, just so that I have an idea. Did you email them or leave a message on their voicemail? I don't think the forum is checked all that often.
  6. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    I just got an email from them today.
    "Check valves are in the mail"
  7. Crosis

    Crosis Guest

    I received a response 25 minutes ago...

    I called them and left 4 voice-mails, sent 2 in forum PM's, and the final way I was able to get a hold of them was via the contact them on their page.

    Things have been worked out, it seems the person in-charge of responding to forums etc. only comes in twice a week, but even with that I left messages last week and this week.
  8. Crosis

    Crosis Guest

    They answered my questions and after the club discount are getting about $450 from me for basically a customized RO/DI system and a few extra's...

    Glad they got a hold of me... I prefer to do business with supporters of my hobbies and local shops over random online places...

    I consider BAR more of a home then RC, so I'd rather support BAR's sponsors first over RC sponsors...

    Thanks for all the help everyone.
  9. AirWaterIce

    AirWaterIce Guest

    Hey Guys!!

    We are still in business!! I sincerely apologize about the delay in response!! I had to reset our password.. we weren't getting ANY of the private message notifications.
    If you ever have a question PLEASE e-mail:

    I've reset the notifications to go to sales@airwaterice as well.
  10. Crosis

    Crosis Guest

    Thank you again for the help, and the speedy shipping... I got my invoices this morning that I will have everything next week!!

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