Kinetic ELOS 120XL


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A few questions:
1. I might go from a Red Dragon 3 mini to a Red Dragon 3 100 watt, just so I can run a manifold with the UV and not worry about running the pump at full the whole time. Even though it should be silent, I think getting the RD3 100 watt should give myself plenty of "room" and still run at less than 100%. It also has that anti-lime bypass the mini doesn't have. I don't know if that's a gimmick or not, but I'll take it. Any thoughts?
2. Should I get a 57 watt UV sterilizer instead of sticking with the 25 watt? The "ratings" on AquaUV says the 25watt is plenty, but of course that's just manufacturers ratings. I already bought it (it was an open box deal) so I have it already. I'd probably just sell this one at cost and then get the 57 watt, but not sure if that's SUPER overkill or not.


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OK, I think I found my return pump:
Royal Exclusiv RD3 Speedy 100watt HIGH PRESSURE -- 2400 gph but it looks like it can handle a lot of pressure. If I run it as a return + manifold for my UV and chiller, I think it's going to be perfect. Costs the same as the non-high pressure (well, off by $2). I know chillers and plumbing in general are going to take a big hit from the flow, and I really only need 1100gph through the UV, and 500 through the chiller. If I wanted, I could probably run the UV/Chiller in series with the return pipe since all the flows match pretty closely.

I'll most likely do:
Return pump with 3-way manifold, one to the display direction, one manifold to the UV, and one to the chiller. I'll have 3 flow meters (one on the combined return, one on the uv, one on the chiller). The manifolds would run in parallel and meet back again to return back to the tank.

I don't think I'll ever run GFO, and if I want to run some carbon for fun I'll just toss a bag into the media basket in the ReefMat.