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Discussion in 'Coral' started by jorahx4, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. jorahx4

    jorahx4 Supporting Member

    Hello guys!

    So, the other day I met up with @JVU and he showed me his huge tank. My fav part was, when ever I asked about a coral he knew exactly what the name of it was. This made me want to learn the name of all the corals living in my tank.

    Anyways back to the game.

    I'll post some pictures and lets see whos fastest to name them!
    Try to limit your self to name only one, to share the fun with others.











    Tomorrow, when the lights come on, I will get more photos of coral that I do not know or have saved photos.
    I plan to update my google spread sheet with photos, dates, names. To keep track of everything inside my tank.

    Thanks guys for your help!
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  2. There's two kinds of people in this hobby. Those that know every name including scientific and those that say, "ahhh... heck I can't remember the name of that one. I knew it when I bought it...."
  3. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Officer at large

    Yeah, and you know who you are.

    I’m going to go with #10 being a candy cane coral. I’ve also seen it called a trumpet coral. Oh, and I guess there’s a cyphestria in there too. Probably a meteor shower.
  4. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Lesse 1. plague of newbies
    2. Common color zoanthid morph but we'll make an awesome sounding name anyways
    3. That little frag that you'd think would be a lot bigger by now
    4. Hey it's from Australia, this is worth $100 more torch!
    5. It's red and blue, I should call it Superman, that'd be so original
    6. Bathed in blue is how the reef really looks!
    7. It's a blastomussa wellsi... literally that is the most common color morph, but why did it cost me $50 for a polyp?
    8. Bird of Paradise pretty now until it grows into a tangled mess, most of it gets shaded and the fancy color goes away
    9. Orange Crush acan echinata aka the only thing known that will out sting aiptasia
    10. What kind of drugs did you take the last time you saw a meteor shower to think this what you should call it?
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  5. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster

    @jorahx4 see what you got yourself into?
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  6. jorahx4

    jorahx4 Supporting Member

    Haha. pretty amusing responses tho!
    my fav is "10. What kind of drugs did you take the last time you saw a meteor shower to think this what you should call it?"
  7. Kremis

    Kremis Supporting Member

    im a little bit of both, I like to know the names, but I dont always remember all of them. Id say I know about 90% Of the names of my corals
  8. Mozby's Reef

    Mozby's Reef Supporting Member

    Love the selection of corals you have! #5 Rhodactis (not sure if it has a special name for that color). I'm very intrigued by this one because of how cool it looks but also how deadly it can be if it touches another coral. I've seen a vid of a rodactis just destroying an acan.
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  9. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    There is a third kind - that never know the names. Corals are basically:
    Little flower like softies
    Wavy softies
    Stony stick like ones
    Stony encrusting ones
    "LPS" which essentially means soft+stony, for everything else.
  10. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Officer at large

    Uh oh, I’ve got mine right next to my acans and blastos.
  11. Fish Boss

    Fish Boss Supporting Member

    I like to know coral names, both popular and scientific, to have a better idea if I’m buying a coral that I do/don’t already have, and to help with the question, “ is this the same coral that i already have, but perhaps it looks slightly different because of the lights this person is using”.
  12. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Webmaster

    1. Green Mushroom (the common ones)
    2. Fire n ice
    3. Hollywood stunner challice
    4. Torch (gold? )
    5. Another corallimorph/mushroom , probably ricordia, need a close up photo
    6. Green bay packers zoa
    7. Blastomussa
    8. Pink bridsnest (seriatopora)
    9. Rainbow acan (need close up photo)
    10. Cyphastrea (one of the bizarror or sunset or something... need a photo with polyps open)
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  13. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Webmaster

    there are a lot of different things all together in each of the categories,
    like in mushrooms/corallimorphs itself, you can get plain mushrooms or ricordia and another one (cant recall name)
    on the flowery side, you can have anything from zoa/paly to goniopora/micro goniopora/alveopora (which is LPS).. vastly different things
    on teh encrusting side there is cyphastrea (LPS), challices (LPS), and then montis (SPS).. vastly different.
  14. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

  15. Yuma? Yuma Ricordia? Florida Ricordia? Yellow Ricordia? Blue Ricordia? Green Ricordia? Orange Ricorida? Rainbow Ricordia?
  16. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Webmaster

    Yess.. rhodactis

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